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    Kitty Green, Director of The Royal Hotel, Discusses Divisive Ending and Future Projects

    Kitty Green, the director of “The Royal Hotel,” is making waves with her latest film, exploring power dynamics and microaggressions from a female perspective. In a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, she delves into various aspects of the movie and her career:

    Micro and Macro Aggressions: Green explains that “The Royal Hotel” is about both microaggressions and macroaggressions. It explores the subtle discomfort caused by little jokes, insults, and foreshadowing events, as well as more significant conflicts.

    Casting Jessica Henwick: Green had reservations about casting Jessica Henwick, known for her action filmography, in a role that required a carefree personality. However, after a Zoom conversation, she realized Henwick’s bubbly and warm nature made her a perfect fit for the role.

    Contrasts in Filming Locations: Green acknowledges the drastic contrast between the New York City setting of her previous film, “The Assistant,” and the remote Australian outback in “The Royal Hotel.” Julia Garner, the film’s star, initially had concerns about the location but eventually adapted to the pace and vibe of the Australian set.

    Liv’s Optimism: The character Liv, played by Jessica Henwick, approaches the challenges of the remote watering hole with optimism. Green explains that Liv’s attitude is more Australian, and the British actor’s understanding of pub culture contributed to the character’s authenticity.

    M. Night Shyamalan’s Influence: Green credits M. Night Shyamalan’s generosity and the experience gained from working on his series “Servant” for helping her prepare for “The Royal Hotel.” She appreciates Shyamalan’s warm and kind energy on set and the valuable lessons learned from him.

    Future Projects: Green hints at the possibility of a third collaboration with Julia Garner but emphasizes the need to keep it fresh and avoid feeling repetitive. She acknowledges her thematic preferences that naturally link her works together.

    Divisive Ending: The final shot of the film, which Green describes as bold and empowering, has generated discussion and some pushback, particularly from male audience members. Green is excited to engage with viewers about the ending’s meaning and impact.

    Kitty Green’s “The Royal Hotel” continues to provoke conversations and challenge audiences, and her future projects promise to be just as thought-provoking and innovative.

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