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    Ukraine Cabinet Lifts Moratorium on Tax Audits with Amendments to Tax Code

    Resumption of Documentary Inspections Set for October 1, 2023, in Accordance with Economic and Financial Policy Obligations

    In a significant development, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved amendments to the Tax Code and the Law “On the collection and accounting of a single contribution for obligatory state social insurance” to bring an end to the moratorium on tax audits. This decisive move is articulated in an official communication on the government’s website.

    The newly approved bill establishes that, commencing from October 1, 2023, documentary inspections, encompassing both scheduled and unscheduled assessments, will be reinstated. This marks a departure from the previous prohibition that was in place until the conclusion or revocation of the state of emergency within the borders of Ukraine.

    The primary objective of this legislative amendment is to diligently fulfill Ukraine’s commitments outlined in the Memorandum on Economic and Financial Policy, dated December 8, 2022. The central focus of this commitment pertains to the limitation of the moratorium on tax audits.

    It is worth noting that, as reported earlier, the month of August witnessed partial alleviation of the moratorium on unscheduled business inspections through Law No. 3219-IX. This modification opened the door for various entities, including the State Food and Consumer Service, the State Labor Service, and inspectors from the State Emergency Service, to potentially conduct inspections. However, it is the tax authorities who remain at the forefront of concern for entrepreneurs, as reported in the article titled “The moratorium on inspections has been canceled. Getting ready to meet the tax authorities.”

    These developments reflect Ukraine’s commitment to ensuring fiscal transparency and adherence to economic and financial obligations, aligning with broader efforts to bolster the nation’s economic stability and regulatory framework.

    Latest Posts


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