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    Transcendental Transformation- CAA, Hollywood’s Premier Talent Agency, Ascends to New Heights in Artémis’ Stewardship

    Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane, and Richard Lovett Pledge Long-term Commitment as François-Henri Pinault's Artémis Acquires Majority Stake

    In a monumental shift of cinematic proportions, the hallowed corridors of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) are set to be graced by the visionary prowess of François-Henri Pinault’s Artémis, marking an epochal transformation in the annals of Hollywood’s representation realm. The triumvirate leadership, comprising Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane, and Richard Lovett, have penned enduring commitments to perpetuate their stewardship of the venerable agency, with Bryan Lourd poised to ascend to the helm as the appointed CEO under the aegis of Artémis. Simultaneously, the indomitable Jim Burtson retains his mantle as the agency’s illustrious president.

    This seismic shift in ownership unfurls against the backdrop of CAA’s protracted majority ownership by TPG since the year 2014, a saga that commenced with the private equity titan’s initial acquisition of a 35 percent stake in the agency in 2010. The transaction reverberates as a formidable exit for TPG, which, at the time of its substantial acquisition, ascribed a valuation of $1.1 billion to the August talent agency. However, the arcane terms of this historic deal remain shrouded in the mists of discretion, though conjecture previously suggested TPG’s aspirations to obtain an astronomical valuation of approximately $7 billion for the agency. This epochal transaction unfolds mere months after CAA’s groundbreaking amalgamation with ICM, an alliance that bequeathed the agency a valuation of $5 billion.

    In this transformative transaction, Artemis assumes custodianship of TPG’s stake in CAA, leaving Singapore-based global investment colossus Temasek as a steadfast minority shareholder, alongside CMC Capital, a strategic partner that solidified its investment affiliation with CAA back in the year 2017.

    The virtuoso of luxury, François-Henri Pinault, whose spouse, the luminary Salma Hayek Pinault, is counted amidst CAA’s esteemed clientele, elects to enshroud the agency in the cloak of private ownership. The formidable Artémis portfolio burgeons with illustrious holdings, including Kering, the imparter of opulence boasting empires like Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen, alongside the venerable auction house Christie’s, an array of viniferous estates, and a compendium of contemporary art treasures.

    The sale of this majority stake in CAA constitutes an epochal milestone in the chronicles of Hollywood’s representation terrain, dwarfing in scale even the $2.4 billion overture presented by WME for the vogue-focused IMG back in 2013. Notably, this bid materialized a year following private equity firm Silver Lake Partners’ strategic investment in the auspices of the Ari Emanuel-helmed agency.

    Yet, while CAA consummates this historic transaction, its peerless competitors in the “Big Three” echelon remain far from stagnant. UTA, another formidable agency within this echelon, consummated an equity sale to Investcorp and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board in the year 2018. Furthermore, it secured additional private equity infusion in 2022, fueling an unprecedented expansion endeavor that encompassed a momentous $125 million accord to assimilate strategic advisory juggernaut MediaLink, the annexation of the esteemed U.K. literary and talent agency Curtis Brown Group, and the strategic amalgamation with executive search and consulting paragon James & Co.

    Elsewhere in the landscape, WME’s progenitor, Endeavor, has embarked on a trajectory that has led it to the zenith of publicly traded eminence. The conglomerate is presently orchestrating the closure of a transcendent deal that unites mixed martial arts promotion behemoth UFC with wrestling titan WWE, thus expanding its omnipresence throughout the sphere of sports and entertainment, far beyond the confines of talent representation.

    The aegis of Artémis crystallizes a convergence of CAA and the domain of luxury, for which François-Henri Pinault has emerged as a preeminent arbiter. In an emphatic testament to this accord, Bryan Lourd, Richard Lovett, Kevin Huvane, and Jim Burtson jointly convey their gratitude to TPG for their profound strategic acumen, unwavering support, and enduring camaraderie, spanning a remarkable 13-year odyssey of unprecedented growth and triumph. This momentous partnership, born of mutual vision, heralds an era of boundless prospects and uncharted avenues of creative innovation.

    In the resonant words of CAA’s leadership triumvirate, “Artémis is a strategic investor of the highest order, with global reach and resources across countless areas of our clients’ interests, a deeply sophisticated understanding of global brands and how to support their growth, and a passion for creativity and innovation that matches ours and that of our clients. François-Henri Pinault and his remarkable team, led by Héloïse Temple-Boyer and Alban Greget, share our vision for a future of limitless new opportunities. We are enormously grateful to TPG for their strategic expertise, invaluable support, and friendship over 13 years. We enjoyed tremendous growth and success together and look forward to continuing to collaborate on projects ahead.”

    In reciprocation, François-Henri Pinault extols the virtues of this transformative alliance, affirming, “As a leader in its field with an outstanding management team, a crystal-clear focus on providing world-class service to world-class clients, and a tremendous track record of growth, CAA has all the relevant characteristics to be part of the Artémis family, adding increased diversity, both in terms of geographical footprint and business activities, to our other assets. CAA’s exceptional insight, relationships, and access across key sectors, combined with their widely regarded level of collaboration and innovation, gives the company a formidable role in driving global opportunities for its diverse and culture-defining clients. We look forward to supporting the agency’s very bright path ahead.”

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