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    Emily Ratajkowski Breaks Taboos: Embracing Divorce and Empowering Women

    The Model and Actress Opens Up About Life After Divorce and Shattering Stereotypes

    In a candid and empowering revelation, Emily Ratajkowski, renowned model and actress, has boldly addressed the often stigmatized topic of divorce. Having parted ways with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in 2022, Emily seized the opportunity to dismantle the taboos and societal pressures that can deter women from leaving unhappy relationships.

    Speaking with Entertainment Tonight during the Victoria’s Secret World Tour fashion show, Emily shed light on the unspoken shame and secrecy that shrouds divorce. She remarked, “I think there’s a lot of taboo around divorce and a lot of shame. I think that isn’t helpful, particularly for young women who are trying to get out of bad relationships.”

    Her poignant message continued: “I want to spread a little positivity and I think that divorce, deciding to leave a relationship despite the financial hardship, despite what it’s going to mean for your kids, everything, is really brave. I want women to feel better about it.”

    These words of wisdom emerged in the wake of a TikTok video in which Emily Ratajkowski candidly shared her personal journey of marriage at 26 and divorce at 31. She exuded empowerment as she expressed, “I don’t think there’s anything better. Being in your 20s is the trenches. There is nothing better than being in your 30s, still being hot, maybe having a little bit of your own money, figuring out what you want to do with your life [and] everything, and having tried that married fantasy and realizing that it’s maybe not all it’s cracked up to be.”

    For those grappling with the stress of divorce, Emily offered heartfelt congratulations, declaring it as a positive step. In a caption accompanying her video, she shared her perspective: “Personally I find it chic to be divorced by the age of 30.”

    Emily Ratajkowski’s candid remarks carried a profound resonance, particularly in the wake of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ decision to divorce. Unfair speculation and judgment surrounding Sophie’s choices and parenting abilities had garnered undue attention. Emily’s words served as a beacon of support, fostering a climate of understanding and empathy.

    Reflecting on her own marriage and subsequent separation from Sebastian Bear-McClard, Emily had earlier confided in Harper’s Bazaar, stating, “I feel all the emotions. I feel anger, sadness. I feel excitement. I feel joy. I feel levity. Every day is different. The only good thing I know is that I’m feeling all those things, which is nice because it makes me believe that I’ll be okay.”

    Emily Ratajkowski’s journey stands as a testament to resilience and self-empowerment, and her willingness to address the intricacies of divorce with candor and positivity is an inspiration to women navigating similar paths. In her own words, she champions the notion that embracing change, even when it challenges societal norms, can be a profoundly empowering and chic choice.

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