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These Traitor Shades Make Women Over 40 Older-Expert Opinion

The wrong palette is one of the most common mistakes that girls make when compiling a wardrobe. And this is extremely disappointing: it takes a long time to select ideal styles, study your proportions, look for brands in which the patterns are right for you – and make a mistake with a shade. And you know what’s even more annoying? Finally, assemble an ideal working capsule, and then, after some time, notice that it … Has ceased to suit you!

Personal stylist Melissa Land confirms: indeed, with age, your skin may become lighter or, conversely, darker, and your hair will take on a different shade – this is completely normal. But at the same time, some colors in the wardrobe will no longer suit you, and if earlier they refreshed the image, then after forty they can begin to age dramatically.

So, what are these traitor shades?


You will be surprised, but Melissa refers to them as black. Yes, yes, the same universal and elegant, favorite shade of Monica Bellucci, Audrey Hepburn, and other style icons. What’s the catch – why did black suit them, but suddenly it might be contraindicated for you?

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The expert explains that it’s the undertone of your skin: if, for example, dark circles under the eyes are visible on the face, and veins are slightly visible on the hands, then black will make this blue tint even more noticeable, and this, in turn, will make you painfully pale. In addition, black can emphasize small shadows in wrinkles and focus on them.

Black does not have to be excluded from the wardrobe: just take a closer look at the reflection in the mirror and soberly assess whether it gives a painful effect. In general, Melissa suggests replacing the darkest color in your closet with a slightly lighter one every 8-10 years.

You get a gradation like “black – dark blue – dark brown – graphite – gray.”


Yes, white is also in question! Despite the fact that this color is considered universal, it has about a dozen undertones, and they all give a different effect. As you may have guessed, cold shades are not always on our side, so it is much safer to choose warmer variations: milky, creamy, or pearl. And they, unlike snow-white, do not have an “age” restriction.

Red and coral

Shades of red are on this “no” list for the same reason as the previous colors: they can highlight skin imperfections. Dilated capillaries, reddish skin of the face and hands, eyes tired from working at the computer – all these details will be clearly visible if you emphasize them with a scarlet sweater or coat. But this does not mean that red is completely prohibited: just remove it away from the face. Shoes, bag, jewelry, skirt – at this distance, red will be a cool accent.

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