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The moment government decides on the burial of Constantine- The most likely script

The procedural issues that arise from the death of the former King Constantine and concern from the decision on whether the burial will be held with the honors of a head of state to its representation at the burial and the appearance in Athens of members of the royal families of Europe are invited to clarify the government.

The opinions will be taken at an inter-ministerial meeting that will take place this morning at Megaros Maximos, fastening on the burial ritual.

The government was informed of the deterioration of the former king’s health last Thursday when his sons Pavlos and Nikolaos visited the Maximos Palace and met with George Gerapetritis. The family of the departed had a print from the croakers that his health condition was critical and the visit to the Minister of State was originally related to the information about the situation and basically to bandy the procedures, since, according to information, the family’s want was to be placed in the lay passage and be buried with the honors of a head of state.

The government is negative to the request for a popular passage

Such a thing, according to information, isn’t respectable on the part of the government, which is said to be negative to this request. The request is made on the base that the deposed king had been head of state until 1974, still, with the vote he lost the office and the titles that went with it and Greece entered its longest period of the administrative republic. For substantial and emblematic reasons, the prevailing opinion within the government is that the burial shouldn’t be a public expenditure and with the honors of a head of state.

The prevailing script for the burial

Regarding where the burial will take place, it’s a matter that isn’t decided by the government and concerns the discussion of the family with the Church, and therefore it’ll take place in the Metropolis. The same applies to the possibility of a popular passage, indeed though it’s understood that a commodity like this needs, at least in terms of security measures, the backing of the police and the image that exists is that from the government’s side, they would not want it to be the commodity that would last for two or three days. What seems to prevail in the end is for the body to be taken to the Metropolis many hours before the burial and anyone who wishes to worship there. His burial will take place in Tatoi, in the royal sepultures, where his mama Frederikis is buried, his father Pavlos, and the royal sepultures are located.

Who’ll attend the burial of the former King Constantine

According to government sources, all of this will be clarified at the inter-ministerial meeting that will take place incontinently after the” morning coffee” at the Maximos Palace with the participation of Gerapetritis and the Minister of Interior Makis Voridis, among others.

Members of European royal families, including a representative of the British royal family, are anticipated to arrive in Athens for the burial of the former king. King Charles, although he maintained particularly close relations with the departed, won’t come to Greece, but it’s possible that Prince William, whom Constantine had baptized, will be set up.

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