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Ana Ursula Najev about the alleged romance with Momcilo Otasevic

I read out loud. Mom started laughing first, and then so did I, the actress said

Split actress and singer Ana Ursula Najev spoke again about allegations that she is to blame for the divorce of Jelena Percin and Momcilo Otasevic.

– I read aloud. Mom started laughing first, and then I did too. It was not clear to me how someone could think of such a thing. The funniest thing to me was that there had been rumors about our “alleged relationship since the end of the year” when I was already on another continent, so that’s why I “ran away”… Various versions appeared,” she told to Media.

She added that she was surprised by the lack of empathy toward them, their families, and their children. It is believed that incorrect information is planned because many people do not even read the text, but only badly designed titles.

Jelene Percin i Momcila Otasevica. Instagram
Jelene Percin i Momcila Otasevica. Instagram

– It is terrible, above all for the children of my colleagues, who in a few years will be able to see and read all these lies and articles on the Internet, just like their future school colleagues. Children can be very cruel, as I saw for myself in the example of my younger sisters – she stated.

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As a reminder, Jelena confirmed at the beginning of this month that the information that she is divorcing Momcilo is correct.

– It is hard. It’s stupid of me to lie. We are parting ways. I always tried not to talk about my intimate life, I didn’t talk about the wedding, so I won’t talk about the separation either. Every breakup is awful. A terrible event and a terrible period. I am concentrating on being maximally present and sober for the sake of the children – she said.

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