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5 best colors for a winter wardrobe that make all women look younger

Add a sweater, coat, or accessories from this color palette to your outfit, and you will look bright and young.

It is also possible to look younger and fresher thanks to clothes, the main thing is to choose the right colors that will only work for you in the image. Modern stylists in their work follow colorists – it analyzes the variety of shades that we encounter in the world around us. Science is designed not only to talk about the influence of the color palette on human self-awareness but also to show individual harmonious combinations.

Surely, you have noticed that some shades make you stricter and more serious, while others add lightness and lightness to the image. The first, for example, include languid burgundy, black, brown, and the second – blue, mustard, light green, or turquoise. In the material we will talk about those colors that visually make every woman younger – they are recommended to diversify your winter wardrobe.

Red color

Girls are afraid to wear red: it is too bright, too bold, and too vulgar for some. However, colorists are sure that the classic shade looks flawless on a woman at any age Of course, you need to be careful with red, so for a winter outfit, choose concise models with a minimum number of details. Take a closer look at the strict coat that Princess of Wales Catherine loves so much, a cashmere turtleneck sweater, or focus on accessories: a hat and a voluminous scarf.

Powder shades

Powdery shades are considered one of the most delicate and light, they can be a mixture of beige with pink, gray, purple, green, blue, and peach. They are chosen by girls with good taste in clothes because such a palette not only gives radiance to our skin but also looks expensive and spectacular. We also appreciate powder colors in the wardrobe for their versatility and ease of styling – they harmoniously fit into any outfit.

In a snowy winter, give preference to outerwear in beige shades, let it be a warm long fur coat made of eco-fur or a classic-cut wool coat with an English collar. Bright hats, mittens, or bags are ideal for them.

Shades of blue and cyan

Blue is about freedom and lightness, and blue is about steadfastness and perseverance. Despite the different meanings given to these shades by psychologists, both colors play into the hands of women. In the image, they are an active element that gives freshness to the look and blush to the skin. We used to wear blue suits like Margaret Thatcher, and choose rich shades for sweaters and baubles, now it’s time to introduce youthful colors into winter wardrobes.

Do not be afraid to wear fur coats, coats, and down jackets in blue and blue shades, even if they look non-standard, but you will definitely stand out in them. If you are not ready for such bold decisions, give preference to a bright jumper or emphasize outerwear with a voluminous knitted scarf.

Green color

The noble green color is not just considered one of the luxurious shades because it is associated with a new beginning: transformation and rebirth. Successful women choose it: in dresses, suits, and coats. For example, in Jennifer Lopez’s wardrobe, there is a whole collection of raincoats and fur coats in all shades, from olive and khaki to mint. Green will be ideally combined with clothes of a white, brown, and yellow palette.

White color

Light tones visually rejuvenate a woman, and, of course, they include snow-white, milky, and ivory. These shades are considered a symbol of aristocracy, sophistication, and nobility, which is why they look expensive on girls. Suffice it to recall the images of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, in which she always looks perfect.

Not everyone is ready to wear a white coat or hat in winter, as many girls are afraid to ruin a thing on their first outing. But as soon as you try on clothes in light shades, you will notice how the skin color changes and the face become younger.

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