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Raised in a gay community, the first to go to university, she is not afraid of macho politicians- Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin was recently exposed to criticism after her “partying” videos were released to the public. Most people, especially the younger generation, seem to have no problem with Sanna Marin’s behavior. She received a lot of support on social networks, while objections come mostly from the conservative side of society.

Sanna’s trip to the Flow Music Festival in Helsinki with her friend, photographer Janita Autio, was recently recorded. Marin was dressed in a short sparkly dress and boots, and their photo became a viral hit.

Of course, Marin, like any other politician, is subject to criticism, but for now, her political opponents in Finland have nothing better than to scandalize themselves over the dancing and singing of a 36-year-old woman at a private party.

The Spice Girls of Finland

She was called the girl next door, her beauty captivated showbiz editors, and her sharpness delighted political commentators.

When Marin took office at the age of 34, Finland set a record by having the youngest female prime minister in the world. She became the Minister of Transport and Communications after her Social Democratic Party nominated her for the position when party leader and former Prime Minister Antii Rinne stepped down. Marin took office and found herself at the head of a center-left coalition made up of a total of five parties, all led by women, most of them under 35.

Sanna did not come to the head of Finland alone. She gathered women around her. And four of them are at the head of the biggest parties. So some called them the “Spice Girls of Finland”. And she joked for a Magazine.

– We have saunas in Finland. Traditionally, it is where we make decisions. Now that there are five of us women in the main positions, we can meet in the sauna and make decisions there.

According to what is written about her, Marin is an interesting person. She grew up with her mother and her partner in a rented apartment. In one of the interviews, she said that as a child she felt invisible because she could not openly talk about her family. She also claims that her mother has always been supportive. She raised her to believe she could do anything she wanted. Marin was also the first member of her family to go to university.

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Support in troubles and storms

After entering politics in 2006, her rise was lightning fast. She became, at the age of only 27, the leader of the council of Tampere, the second-largest Finnish city, and entered the Parliament in 2015. She married her longtime partner Markus Raikkonen in August 2020. The two have been together for 18 years, more precisely since she came of age, and they also have a four-year-old daughter, Emma.

– I am happy and grateful that I can share my life with the person I love. We saw and experienced a lot together, shared joys and sorrows, and were supported in troubles and storms. Together we lived our youth, grew up, and became the parents of our beloved daughter. Of all people, you are the one for me. Thank you for being with me – Sanna wrote on social networks shortly after the wedding, when she published a joint photo. Recently, she shared another wedding photo on social media and wished her husband a happy anniversary. And just ten days later, a real collapse occurred.

Apart from politics, he cites staying and physical activities in nature as his interests, he speaks English, Finnish, and Swedish. She was born in Helsinki on November 16, 1985.

Although the Finnish public loves her, the same cannot be said for her political colleagues. When she posed for a magazine in 2020 without a bra, only in a jacket, many were offended.

A woman in the government

With a job that implies strictness and seriousness, she established herself as a young and lively person who did not give up her character even in the highest position in the state.

Instagram is a star, where more than 790 thousand people follow her, she comes to media conferences in leather boots, goes to rock concerts, and does push-ups in the park in her spare time.

– It is new for us that our government is led by women. In the previous composition, we had only men who led the three largest parties. That has changed now. It is nice to have women in the government – said the journalist.

From gay rights to abortion rights, Finland’s first lady is outspoken and modern.

If you ask her high school teacher, she was average. Today, Sanna Marin is anything but an average politician.

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