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Why Meghan Markle wore green outfits so often

Green was one of Meghan Markle’s favorites when she was a current member of the British royal family. And even the image for her last appearance in this status, the wife of Prince Harry withstood in her signature shade, thanks to which it turned out to be really memorable. Who can forget the bold green Emilia Wickstead cape dress that Meghan wore to Commonwealth Day service in March 2020 and the matching veil hat? It seems that the choice of the duchess is not accidental. The color psychology practitioner mentioned the meanings associated with a color and explained why Meghan once chose green.

Applied color psychologist Karen Haller told:

“The shade of green that Meghan prefers is a warm, dark forest green. If she’s feeling a bit wary or insecure – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t feel the same way by joining the royal family and learning all these protocols – this special shade helps her feel safe and confident, creating a sense of peace and balance.”

There are several other meanings and emotions associated with the color green. In general, this is the dominant gamma in nature, which at the level of feelings represents the natural and forest environment. According to color psychology, of all the shades on the color wheel, green is considered the most soothing and relaxing to the human eye. It symbolizes harmony, tranquility, peace, hope, and optimism and is believed to increase stability and endurance.

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Observers noted that the Duchess of Sussex sought to create an image of a person who, like Princess Diana, is capable of “updating” the British monarchy. From this point of view, green can be called very suitable for Meghan and her ambitions. As a “new arrival”, the Duchess could use green as a non-verbal signal. After all, for the Commonwealth Day service, Windsor women are encouraged to choose blue, red, or white. And for her last official event as a current member of the royal family, Meghan chose green.

Prior to this, at the annual WellChild Awards in London on October 15, 2019, Meghan wore a green PAROSH dress. At the Commonwealth Day event at the Canadian House on March 11, 2019, Meghan appeared in a set of a wool coat embroidered with black beads and sequins and an Erdem dress, delighting fashion reviewers. Prior to this, Megan became famous for a set of a green & Other Stories blouse and a Hugo Boss leather skirt. Well, the Givenchy green set, which Sussex demonstrated in Ireland in 2018, turned out to be so successful that she recently repeated it in black.

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