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Three tools to control the volatility of the dollar

The Central Bank unveiled its tools to control the fluctuations of the coin and currency market; Dealing with security with foreign exchange traders, issuing promissory notes parallel to the gold coin standard, and implementing facilitating policies in the process of buying quota currency can be introduced as 3 tools of the market maker in order to curb currency fluctuations.

This is despite the fact that the dollar had no significant reaction to these tools yesterday and continued to operate in the price range of the 36 thousand Toman channel. Based on the observations obtained from the discussion of currency activists in the central core of the Tehran currency market, it can be seen that most of the people present in the market have increased expectations and the number of sellers in the market has decreased significantly. Finally, each unofficial dollar bill increased by about 30 tomans compared to Monday’s rate and reached 36,680 tomans in yesterday’s evening transactions. However, contrary to the dollar’s indifference to the central bank’s efforts, the coin reacted to the release of bonds and decreased. In this regard, the price of each piece of this precious metal decreased by about 4 steps to the initial price levels of the channel of 16 million tomans.

the trend of the exchange rate index in the informal transactions of the Tehran market was increasing. Each sheet of this American banknote started trading yesterday morning with an increase of about 150 tomans compared to Monday’s rate of 36,800 tomans. But in the continuation of trading on Tuesday, this upward trend was broken and changed its direction towards Monday’s rate.

Finally, the price of each unofficial dollar bill in the last cash transactions yesterday increased by about 30 tomans compared to Monday’s rate and reached 36,680 tomans. After the significant increase in the informal dollar rate in the transactions of the past days, the central bank showed new reactions. In the first reaction, this market-making institution facilitated the purchase of quota currency. Until now, every person had to stand in long queues in front of authorized exchanges to buy agreed currency, and by presenting his national card up to 2 thousand dollars annually, he would purchase currency at a lower price than the open market. But a few days ago, in a new move, the Organization of the Foreign Exchange Market announced an agreement on selected branches of some banks as places to buy foreign currency. In addition, by providing a smart currency purchase system, it also solved the problem of standing in line to buy currency.

In this regard, “Isna” quoted Sardar Rahimi and wrote: “The police, in coordination with the Central Bank and the relevant agencies, have entered to deal with the foreign exchange market disruptors, and in dealing with these disrupters, 17 people were killed during the three stages of the plan that was implemented during the last week.”Traders in the currency market, tomorrow’s transactions, etc., were arrested. Rahimi also estimated the approximate value of seized currencies to be 18 billion tomans. The third action of the market-making institutions in order to reduce the fever of the currency and gold markets was the issuance of currency-backed bonds. In this regard, from 3:00 p.m. last day, the initial offering of the coins’ predecessors was made, and in response to this initial offering, the price of each Emami gold coin decreased by about 370,000 tomans compared to Monday’s rate and reached the price level of 16,100,000 tomans. In general, it seems that the demand for buying dollars and coins will increase until the end of the week.

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