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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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The latest screen can be stretched by 20 percent

Stretchable screens, or free-form screens as LG Display calls them, can be pulled, bent, and twisted. They go a step further than the flexible screens used in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and other smartphones, which can be folded and bent, but not stretched.

To make the screen so stretchable, LG Display made the base material out of silicon similar to that used in contact lenses. It also offers micro-LEDs of less than 40 micrometers for the light source, which enables high resolution and durability. And finally, the company used spring-like assemblies to accommodate bending and folding.

“Revolutionary stretchable display technology offers next-level versatility for different daily scenarios,” states LG Display.

“It can easily be attached to curved surfaces such as leather, clothing, furniture, cars, and airplanes. This unique innovation expands the potential of displays in a variety of industries, including fashion, wearables, mobility, and gaming.”

It is not yet known when we could see LG’s stretchable screens in some specific products.

Latest Posts

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