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MIKO – A brand of bags and backpacks from Slavonia that has more and more female fans

In the heart of Slavonia, in Vinkovci, bags are created that have gained a really small army of female fans throughout Croatia and beyond, so bags and backpacks of the MIKO brand are worn, among other things, in Germany and the Czech Republic. The trademark of the brand is the cute Sokica and Sokac, and with that touch of Slavonic tradition, the models conquer with modern, practical, and aesthetically very attractive designs.

In addition to the superior design, satisfied clients also praise the quality of MIKO brand bags, so they can last for years.

We try to choose high-quality materials, we do not rush production. We try out the options before presenting the collection. We are aware that our bags are not for everyone’s budget, but considering that we aim for quality performance, the costs of making them are not small. We are building our name slowly but surely, and we are guided by this in every aspect of the brand. We put the needs and satisfaction of MIKO lovers first, says academic sculptor Matea Simunic, who, as she says, was a silent partner and helper for her mother and the founder of the brand, Mirela Simunic, in the creation of their bag brand.

At the very beginning, we didn’t plan that it would become our business and a real brand with a real website, and that’s how we set ourselves up. Very quickly it became clear to us that this business story was developing into something more serious, and this is where we are today, says Matea. The trademark of the brand, Sokica, and Sokac, are the works of Mate’s late father, Miljen Simunic, and they give their bags and backpacks a touch of Slavonian tradition.

The motives of Sokica and Sokac are the last cycle of works that my father painted before his death. The people closest to him affectionately called him Miko, and we made the nickname a name, we just changed the accent, Matea reveals. This autumn they presented the new Oak collection, and the Basic Oak backpack is currently one of the bestsellers. When it comes to the most popular models, Matea points out that just when they think that a certain bag model has lost popularity, orders start coming in.

With us, it kind of goes every week, believe it or not, Matea says, then reveals what the “secret” of the popularity of their bags and backpacks is.

I think that MIKO lovers like the combination of practical, multifunctional, but aesthetically beautiful. They are special to us in everything, but mostly for the motif of Sokica and what that motif actually means to us.

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Bags are not made to order but can be purchased ready-made on the MIKO Fashion website. Due to the large volume of work they have, Matea points out, they would not be able to dedicate themselves to custom-made in the way they would like. MIKO lovers are also delighted by the fact that certain models of bags come with certain accessories.

We try to choose colors and materials in such a way that everyone has at least one ‘e to je to’ option to wear. On our website, we also have an Accessories section where you can find all models of belts, shoulder straps, and other accessories, so everyone has the opportunity to choose and add what suits them best, explains Mate Simunic. MIKO bags and backpacks are ordered from everywhere, from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Istria, but also from abroad, for example, Germany and the Czech Republic. In their Vinkovci, they have a loyal fan base that is always active and they are constantly receiving orders and inquiries.

Our small place accepted us with open arms and hearts, which means a lot to us, Matea is happy. They receive a lot of compliments for their bags, and Matea remembers her close friend’s first sincere reaction when they first started with the brand.

I brought a bag to a friend as a gift and she was fascinated by the fact that the bag looks like a ‘real bag’, that it has an inner pocket and even a lining, Matea laughs and adds that it was then that she became aware for the first time that what they were creating was really something especially high-quality and “right”. As for plans for the future, he points out that somehow it always turns out “by the way”.

We have a lot of plans, as always, if we manage to realize 50 percent, we will be more than satisfied. I don’t want to talk too much about the future, not because it’s a secret or something like that, but every time we start a new project, almost immediately at the beginning it goes in a completely different direction and turns out to be something 100 percent different from what was imagined and planned, says the owner of the MIKO brand.

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