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Designer Andreas Antic, a new name in Bosnia and Herzegovina – My path from the football stadium to my own brand

As part of this year’s European Fashion Passport fashion festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a fashion show was held in Sarajevo. Among the thirty fashion designers from twenty European countries, BiH also presented themselves. designers with their creations and one of them are Andreas Antic (24).

After studying in Zagreb, the young creator decided to return to his homeland and start his own business. He was born in Kiseljak, and from 14 to 21 he lived in Zagreb, after which he returned to Kiseljak. Now he has his own brand and plans to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

– Until the age of eighteen, I was a promising football player, and when a serious injury occurred and the will was lost, there was simply no place for me in football. At that time I was already at the School of Fashion Design in Zagreb. My love for fashion was always there, but when I made a garment with my own hands for the first time, that love grew. Now I can already say that I am addicted to my work – says Antic in an interview for “Magazine.”

The first collection

This is his second time participating in the European Fashion Passport.

– I can only say the best about the organization and the event. It is a beautiful story, a good way for young designers to show and present their creations. There was also no shortage of socializing and entertainment. Judging by everything, I believe and hope that this event will become a tradition – admits Kiseljacanin.


His first collection was of contemporary fashion style and, as he says, was accompanied by positive comments. Now, aware of the needs of the market, he decided to try his hand at creating sportswear.

– My latest collection is more commercial and intended for every day. This is basically the style on which my fashion brand is based – admits BiH. designer.

When asked if he inherited talent from someone in the family, he says:

– Most of my aunts worked in the textile industry, and some still sew today, and you can feel that creativity. So, probably, there is something in the genes.

Designer Andreas Antic, a new name in Bosnia and Herzegovina. - My path from the football stadium to my own brand

Supporting young designers

When it comes to the fashion scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Antic believes that more work should be done on supporting young designers through encouragement, education, and the like.

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– We have many talented people who should be given a chance. I believe that all of us, as consumers, should promote domestic products, both fashion and all others – he added.

When asked about fashion awareness in our region, he thinks that people are well aware of fashion and that they do not follow other European countries.

There is no role model among world designers, but he singles out Thierry Mugler.

– I find his men’s collections interesting. I also single out Philipp Plein, I consider his style contemporary and wearable at the same time – he admits.

This talented young man draws inspiration from everyday things.

– Some things just come at a particular moment. Also, when making tailoring pictures (templates), by trying and analyzing I come up with various solutions and possibilities – Antic tells us at the end.

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