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How to wear leather pants this season – Megalopreneur

Designers simply do not leave us a choice: almost every second show at the autumn fashion weeks, models cheerfully paced the catwalk in leather trousers. What does it mean? That it is simply impossible to ignore them in the coming months! We have already talked about how this model will come in handy for you in the fall, but now it’s not up to persuasion: all fashionistas definitely need leather chinos. And we have a couple of reinforced concrete arguments in their favor.

Firstly, thanks to their unusual texture, they quickly revive basic outfits. Just replace jeans in any of your autumns looks with leather trousers and you will get an unusual, fresh result. It is with the help of different textures of things that stylists create stunning looks – so what prevents us from using this fashion hack?

Secondly, in the fall of 2022, leather has become a key material. Bikercore is in full swing, and the easiest (yet spectacular) way to match the global trend is to add these pants to your seasonal capsule. Don’t even ask yourself the question “what to wear them with” – we will tell and show everything now. And if you still answer it briefly, then … With almost anything!


This trick can be used in general with any trend, in the application of which you are not completely sure. Jacket with exaggerated shoulders? Drawstring trousers? Trench coat with puff sleeves? We just collect the image in monochrome, and then you will not look clumsy. Clothes in the same color spectrum always look noble, so we do just that with leather chinos – we collect total-look in related shades.

With an accent sweater/jacket

Another safe option to try out bikercore is to pair black leather basic pants with a statement top. At least we take a sweater of the same shade as the bottom, but with bright detail, as a maximum, we add a jacket of a different color. In this case, our trousers should be the base, the neutral link of the image, so we’ll get by with the simplest cut.

With a trench coat

A good autumn raincoat generally solves half of the problems with the wardrobe. If the outfit seems disconnected to you, then you need to add a trench coat that repeats the material of either the top or the bottom. To put it simply, we are looking for outerwear that is either glossy, like leather trousers, or matte, like a jacket, shirt, or sweater. And if this ensemble is also monochrome, there is nowhere to miss at all!

with skin

And the opposite option: just collect the whole image from the skin. Catchy? Very bold and classy! In the summer, we did the same with linen and silk suits, so the combinations in total leather also look decent. So for the leather jacket, which you just couldn’t style with anything for the last couple of months (if not years), second life has come – it will be saved, and our autumn wardrobe will be fashionable this season with leather trousers. Not a thing, but a panacea!

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