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Zelensky held a meeting with Guterres – what was discussed

The President of Ukraine and the UN Secretary-General met in Lvov.

On Thursday, August 18, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky met with the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres in Lviv. The main topics of discussion were, in particular, the grain agreement, the illegal deportation of Ukrainians to the territory of the Russian Federation and the nuclear terrorism of the invaders at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the press service of the head of state reports.

As part of the meeting, Zelensky agreed with Guterres to continue to actively and comprehensively coordinate the initiative to export Ukrainian food with the UN. They also identified possible ways for its further development – improving and strengthening security. It is noted that the world needs to increase the number of ships for the safe export of our agricultural products.

According to the President of Ukraine, the UN and personally Antonio Guterres played a key role in unblocking the ports. Zelensky assured that our state is “ready to continue to be the guarantor of global food security.”

The conversation also touched upon the issue of forced deportation of Ukrainians to the territory of Russia and the protection of those who are illegally detained by the invaders in the Russian Federation.

The head of state asked the Secretary-General to personally help ensure that UN representatives have constant unhindered access to the deportees. He also called on the organization to help in the release of our military and medical personnel from enemy captivity and stressed the need to comply with the Geneva Conventions in relation to them, especially in the context of the creation of filtration camps by the occupiers.

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Separately, Zelensky told Guterres about nuclear blackmail by the Russians on the territory of the ZNPP. He stressed that the conscious and cynical terror of the Russian Federation could lead to catastrophic consequences both for Ukraine and for the whole world. The President called on the UN to contribute to the security, demilitarization, and liberation of the facility from the Russian army.

Also at the meeting, the parameters of a possible IAEA mission to the station, which should get there legally through a territory free from invaders, were agreed upon.

In turn, the UN Secretary-General spoke about the work on sending the mission of the organization to clarify the circumstances of the Russian terrorist act in Olenivka.

“Vladimir Zelensky proposed to include in the mandate of the mission the issue of compliance by the Russian side with the agreements reached in the context of the withdrawal of Ukrainian defenders from Azovstal, as well as provide for ensuring the safety and rights of all our prisoners of war,” the report says.

In addition, the President of Ukraine expressed the readiness of the state to participate in the next session of the UN General Assembly and announced the work on several initiatives, primarily regarding legal mechanisms for holding the Russian Federation accountable, including the creation of a Special Tribunal, and a new international mechanism for obtaining compensation for damage, which inflicts the aggressor.

Antonio Guterres also stressed that the United Nations system will provide Ukrainians with the necessary humanitarian assistance in the winter.

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