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10 revealing outfits of Pippa Middleton, for which she got from the press

With her older sister becoming part of the royal family, Pippa Middleton has been thrust into the spotlight, with her choices in matters of love, friends, and fashion being heavily debated in the international press. Reporters vied with each other to analyze the wardrobe of the youngest of the Middleton sisters, being sure that she does not intend to give Kate the palm in terms of spectacular images. Pippa’s most outrageous outfits, from the dress she wore to Cambridge weddings to revealing cocktail dresses, seem to confirm this idea.

Too hot bridesmaid

On the day of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Pippa almost “stole the show” from her older sister. She carried the train of the bride’s dress and literally got into all the wedding pictures, and most of all, the United Kingdom remembered the moment when the thin Pippa entered the church in a tight dress that emphasized her toned hips. Like the bride’s dress, it was made in the workshop of Alexander McQueen, aged in white. However, the demand has increased not at all for the brand’s clothes, but for the services of plastic surgeons to shape the perfect buttocks. In 2013, in Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward told The New York Times, “Pippa didn’t just grab attention at her sister’s wedding. She was the center of attention.”

And since then, the paparazzi have never forgotten about the sister of Duchess Catherine. Pippa recalled the moment in a 2014 speech: “Looking back, [the dress] fit too well. As I found out, recognition has its pluses, minuses and, one might say, the other side.

Another “stolen show” at the wedding

After her sister’s wedding, Pippa Middleton gained a reputation as the main stealer of attention at such celebrations. In Britain, they even noted the so-called “Pippa effect”, when the dresses she chose were instantly sold out after the publication of photos from weddings where she was a guest. Another outfit of the younger Miss Middleton that impressed the United Kingdom was the Tabitha Webb dress with a floral print, peplum, and narrow hem, again emphasizing Pippa’s slender hips, in which the girl appeared at the wedding of Lady Melissa Percy and Thomas van Straubenzee in 2013.

Scandalous twin outfit

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge was repeatedly reproached for copying her older sister. At Princess Charlotte’s christening in July 2015, Her Highness’ mother and aunt appeared in near-identical outfits. Kate wore a cream Alexander McQueen coat dress, light-colored pumps, and a Jane Taylor hat, and Pippa’s outfit was pretty much the same. Many considered this a real impertinence on the part of Sister Katherine.

Pleating and deep neckline

V-neck dresses were definitely Pippa’s favorite. In the Hugo Boss model, pale blue, floor-length, and romantic pleats were combined with a rather deep neckline that draws all the attention to this area. The accent was even more evident against Pippa’s beautiful tan and neutral make-up. This is how the Duchess’ sister Katherine appeared at the ParaSnowBall in support of Disability Snowsport UK in 2015.

Red Heartbreaker Dress

Like her sister, Pippa is an active supporter of philanthropy. However, unlike Kate, her younger sister rarely adheres to a strict dress code and can easily afford flirtatious styles, ignoring wishes for modesty and restraint. At the Boodles Boxing Ball in October 2011, the youngest of the Middleton sisters wore a long red Temperley dress with a plunging neckline, vying with Geri Halliwell in a very similar outfit that evening. The sister of the newly-made Duchess of Cambridge was accused of wanting to draw attention to her appearance after her recent appearance at the wedding of William and Kate.

Playful dress at a charity event

Pippa showed some of her most daring images at charity events. At London’s Boodles Boxing Ball in support of the Gordon Ramsay Foundation in 2015, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in a bright blue Jenny Packham dress with playful details: a flowing hem, a draped bodice with a cut-out, and open arms. The press diligently called the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge “socialite” and “party girl”, referring to such outfits. Pippa, in a 2016 conversation with the Daily Mail, retorted: “People see me as a privileged person who took advantage of his position to his advantage; that I don’t really work, that I’m a socialite – that word really annoys me – and that I’m a party girl with no content. I work a lot. I am true to my values. I’m just trying to live a normal life

Unusual “pregnant” dress with cutouts

Pippa did not forget about her love for cutouts even during pregnancy. Just look at this summer cotton dress with thin straps, which combines a flirty length with V-necks at the hem.

Open shoulders and slip effect

Pippa has repeatedly relied on summer dresses with a V-neck and sleeves, but Tephi London has outdone them all. The cut is remembered for its “slip” effect, complemented by a thin fabric and a delicate mint shade.

Beige dress with transparent inserts

Wimbledon is the place where the Middletons feel at home. And on the podium, she can appear in a dress with transparent inserts in the daytime, and not in the evening. Self-Portrait’s pink and beige lace outfit, according to InStyle, required the addition of “a petticoat and a see-through top panel to cover up.” Despite the presence of a white-collar, this model turned out to be completely anti-conservative and perhaps one of the most intriguing in Pippa’s wardrobe.

Translucent black dress

In 2013, Liz Jones of the Daily Mail wrote, “There’s one thing poor Pippa Middleton doesn’t have, and unfortunately for her, that’s what money can’t buy: style.” We assume that the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge and her fans were offended by this conclusion, but it seems that the author of the article hinted at the frankness of the outfits of the younger Miss Middleton. At the Sugarplum Ball in November 2013, Pippa appeared in a translucent black evening dress and a sequined jacket, as well as large purple earrings. The set could hardly be called successful in terms of style, but the cut and texture of the dress definitely made it possible to see the beautiful figure of its mistress. At that moment, the press dubbed Pippa a rebel who dresses in a way that her sister would not dare.

Photo: Getty Images, Legion Media

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