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    Why Zhirinovsky is actually not so simple

    The legendary Russian politician has been zealously defending his opinion for more than half a century – and he has one for any reason. And his statements are just as zealously discussed: some criticize and call them unrealistic, some praise and consider them brilliant. Surprisingly, both sides are right.

    More precisely, it is not easy to find the exact words to describe his character and political path. Everything (everything in general) that is written about him evokes conflicting emotions: from sympathy for the persistent young man, who mastered the minimum English language program in 10 lessons and entered Moscow State University himself, to bewilderment after watching the video “The Best Fights of Vladimir Zhirinovsky”. In the media, the LDPR leader was called differently and even brought out the so-called “paradox of Vladimir Volfovich”, they say, one can define a politician in two words: either a genius or a joker. And recently, Internet users are leaning towards the first option. We tell you why!


    “I seemed to see the light, he always said the right things, and I paid attention only to emotionality! commentators on the Web are surprised. “The smartest person.” As for the fact that Vladimir Volfovich can really be proud of his education, no one doubted. In 1965, he entered the Faculty of International Politics of the University of Marxism-Leninism, and 2 years later he wrote a letter to Brezhnev stating that it was time to reform the education system.

    Later, Zhirinovsky graduated from the Lomonosov Institute of Oriental Languages, completed evening studies at the Faculty of Law at the same Moscow State University with honors, and then defended his dissertation “The Past, Present, and Future of the Russian Nation: A Social and Philosophical Analysis” there. So Vladimir Volfovich is officially a Doctor of Philosophy.

    Came to Moscow at the age of 17

    The stories of celebrities who have achieved fame and success, as they joke on the Internet, without moms, dads, and loans, seem impressive. After all, how do the fates of those who alone resisted everything and the world and did not give up inspire, right? Zhirinovsky falls into this “self-made” cohort, which, by the way, he is very proud of. He generally believes that coming to Moscow at the age of 17 with an empty suitcase and without the help of his mother tempered his character and taught him to rely only on himself.

    “I came to Moscow State University, submitted documents. Russian passed on the four, but how to take English? I had some money – my mother collected – and I found a tutor. The lesson cost 100 rubles per hour, in total I had to get ten lessons – 1000 rubles. And 1000 rubles was all I had. I gave them to a tutor and with difficulty, for a three, passed a foreign language, but I entered, ”the politician recalled.


    Predicts and comes true

    Vladimir Volfovich’s forecasts are a separate issue altogether. It’s even a separate genre on YouTube. Why there are groups on social networks about which of the predictions of the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party came true. And it really happened a lot! In 1998, he announced that power in Afghanistan would change, and later predicted the appearance of a black president in America, the death of Nemtsov, electronic elections, and many political events in the world. One of Zhirinovsky’s strengths is his citation of historical documents, which he knows quite well. “I’m telling you as a lawyer,” the politician often adds. And he doesn’t cheat.

    Good suggestion

    Despite the fact that some of Zhirinovsky’s statements seem at least surprising, he did offer a lot of useful things. No, not “every woman for a man” – this, by the way, is not his quote, as many people think. But Vladimir Volfovich is convinced that a four-day workweek will raise the level of efficiency of employees, and he also spoke out against separate entrance exams at universities, arguing that the system and requirements should be transparent. In general, among the high-profile tirades of Vladimir Volfovich, there are really a lot of sensible ideas – and they are not as cheerful and simple as some of his quotes.

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