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Friday, March 24, 2023

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Microsoft has confirmed that it was the target of hackers

After several days of uncertainty, Microsoft confirmed that the hacker group Lapsus $ had access to the company’s systems, but to a limited extent.

According to the software giant, the hackers managed to hack the account of one of the Microsoft employees. This allowed them to access parts of Microsoft’s source code, which was then stolen.

Two days ago, the Lapsus group released 37GB of source code, which was allegedly stolen from the Azure DevOps server, which is under the auspices of Microsoft. The stolen code refers to a number of the company’s projects, such as Cortana, Bing browser, and Bing Maps, according to Bleepingcomputer.

Microsoft said in a statement that user data and codes were not part of the published data, while the compromised account is now protected in order to prevent further malicious actions.

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