Amar Gile, is one of those singers who can boast of hits that have no expiration date. Each of his songs is sung with the same zeal as when it came out, and after a short musical break, he decided to delight the audience with something new.

There have been rumors about the new song for a long time, and after he published the teaser on his Instagram profile, it became official.

  • We’re cheering for the clock together! “Stari ja” on Sunday at 4:00 am – Amar announced briefly.

This post was soon flooded with likes and comments from fans who can’t wait to hear what the new Gile has prepared, but they don’t doubt its quality, so they predict that this will be another hit in the series.

“Who won’t sleep all night”, “Just out of the bar when we leave”, “It will be top as always” are just some of the reactions to this short video.

Promised – fulfilled. Singer Amar Gile has once again released a song that in a short time has become a real attraction on Youtube and has already found its way to the hearts of the audience.

The song called “Stari ja” is something completely new in Gilet’s style, and what the audience adores with him, a cheerful song with beautiful music and lyrics, which enters the ears at the first listening.

The song “Stari ja” is accompanied by a video reminiscent of a short film, and the comments of his fans on the Internet do not stop, so it can be concluded that the new song is a hit.

“What a combination of tenderness, strength, romance, the strength of voice – a great movie”, “We didn’t expect anything less, bravo Amare”, “Song, video, everything superb” – were just some of the many comments on Youtube.

The song tells the story of a typical womanizer. He loves fun, drinks, and women. However, although women have a special place in his heart, he never managed to fall in love with any of them. This, in turn, did not stop him from breaking the hearts of many beauties.

Since everything is coming to an end, so has his cold-blooded attitude towards women. A fatal seductress came into his life who mastered his heart, and this song is the anthem to her.

We often manage to forget all the power and strength that love has. Even the coldest heart only needs a little to become the most ardent. It is enough for someone to appear who will cause a spark…


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