Rada Manojlovic and her boyfriend Haris Berkovic are preparing for the wedding, and allegedly the two of them will finance the gala party together.

Rada will be like a princess. She designed a wedding dress, it will be narrow at the top, and it will be widened with zippers at the bottom. However, she will also have a tight one, because she is beautiful and dresses fit her best.

The groom chose an elegant suit. They both want everything to be on the level. They also choose a big hall for the ceremony, they want half of the stage to come to them and for everyone to sing. The point is to make everything happy and to play and sing from beginning to end. They finance it all together because they both earn money and there is no problem with money. They also chose the band, they will not hire the guys they work with, because they are among the guests, and they will certainly ask some of their colleagues to sing for them.

Rada and Harris thought of each guest, so when it comes to food, the choice is varied. There will be something for everyone, shrimp and canapes, but it will not bypass the traditional cuisine. It will be all according to customs and traditions – the source revealed and then added that the couple plans to respect all customs.

  • Harris will go to Cetereze for the bride, Rada wants to respect all customs and he agrees with her, and Rada’s father is most pleased, his eyes are full of tears of happiness. You see, it will be a wedding that will be talked about for months.

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