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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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Pensioners warned about the risk of losing one benefit

Retirees renting apartments may lose tax benefits

This threatens them if the rental of an apartment is recognized as an entrepreneurial activity. The Supreme Court adheres to the interpretation that entrepreneurial activity is the use of an apartment not for the needs of the owner. If it is purchased for rent or rented until a new buyer is found, then the pensioner will lose the right to the benefit.

Each specific case is analyzed individually, Rossiyskaya Gazeta specified. Earlier it became known that payments to non-working pensioners were indexed by 8.6% from February 3, with an average allowance of about 1.4 thousand rubles.

In the Moscow region, the minimum pension today is 12.5 thousand rubles, but for single pensioners who have lived in the region for more than 10 years and can no longer work, payments will be increased to 17 thousand rubles.

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