Natasa Bekvalac – My daughters don’t miss a father figure

Natasa Bekvalac - My daughters don't miss a father figure

Singer Natasa Bekvalac will remember the year 2021 for the great success of the song “From afar”, which she recorded with rapper Stefan Duric Rast, but also for the fact that she returned to the Serbian capital with her daughters Katja and Hana from her native Novi Sad.

Beautiful Nata will spend New Year’s Eve 2022 working, but, as she admitted to us, she will decorate the home with her heirs and prepare a rich New Year’s table.

Are you preparing any special specialties for the New Year holidays?

  • Since Katja was born, I have been constantly in the kitchen, especially since her diet is a bit more demanding. It is not strange for me to cook every day, but I am also helped by a girl who became part of my family. I’m not sure that there will be sarma on my holiday table, but there will be various deacons.

Who is more looking forward to the New Year holidays, Katja or Hana?

  • They are both happy, but Katja is much happier. Hana is not very enthusiastic because she will not be with the company.

How much do they miss their father figure in these holiday moments?

  • My children know that best, but it seems to me that they do not miss it. I still can’t talk to Katja about it because she’s small, but it seems to me that Hana doesn’t feel missed because her dad Danilo is present in her life. In some situations, it suits her that Danilo is not always there because he can take the best from us. When she has a strained relationship with me, she gets a little closer to her father and vice versa.

How much do you try to make up for the lack of a male figure in your daughters’ upbringing?

  • In the life of every girl, the male figure is very important, but God always has the best scenario for all of us. The situation I am in is sensitive and palpable, but I believe it is best for me as a mother and for the two of them.

Have you thought about how you will explain to Katja why her father is not next to her?

  • For me, these are topics that I still can’t talk about publicly and I believe that I will never be ready for that. I don’t worry too much because I know that life always opens the way for me and always gives me the right answer. I love my children the most in the world and I focus every segment of my life on them. If I make a mistake somewhere, it’s normal because I’m sensitive to the two of them and I always want to protect them.


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