Luxury yacht and godparents billionaires – This is what the wedding of Haris and Melina Dzinovic looked like

This is what the wedding of Haris and Melina Dzinovic looked like

Haris and Melina Dzinovic got married in the summer of 2014. At that time, they already had a daughter, Gina, and a son, Kan, as well as 12 years of experience under the same roof.

  • We are rock-oriented, so that’s how we lived. The marriage does not have to be existent if the uncle from the Municipality declares it valid, Harris explained.

A fateful “yes” was said on July 11, on the luxury yacht “Maltese Falcon”, anchored near Dubrovnik.

The initiative to formalize the relationship came from Melina’s godmother Slavica Ecclestone, the former wife of the owner of Formula 1, who realized from an unofficial conversation that the Dinovics are not officially married. At that moment, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Harris’ wedding best man was industrial magnate Philip Zepter.

  • And towards Slavica, as well as towards Filip, we cultivate emotions deeper than friends. They are true members of our family and we have finally made it official, the newlyweds pointed out in an exclusive interview they gave immediately after the wedding, writes

The wedding ceremony was attended by about thirty guests, close friends, and family members, so the atmosphere was intimate.

  • We did not determine the exact time of the wedding, but we went on deck at dusk to complete the formality. There was no nervousness or trepidation, characteristic of such events. I took the surname with special ease because I have considered it my own since 2003. Gina and Khan were overjoyed, they attended their parents’ wedding and thus experienced something that most children are deprived of – said Melina, who also revealed an interesting anecdote.

At the wedding of the bard of folk music, the main speaker was a DJ who arrived from Belgrade for the occasion. In the beginning, pop music was played, close to everyone, and then, at the request of those present, the groom took the microphone.
– I sang “Shoot down the Moon”, by Elton John, Melina’s favorite song. Slavica wanted to hear “How I Miss You”, and my wife wanted to hear Shaban Shaulic’s song “Only for Her”. It was a perfect mix, which, as we hoped, coincided with the taste of the guests.

The Dinovics placed a special emphasis on the menu, which was in the rank of the best restaurants in the world. Guests enjoyed carefully selected specialties for 12 hours, and the offer was dominated by wild fish, seafood, Kobe steaks, and perfectly blended fruits and vegetables. Rare French and Italian wines and champagnes from the famous cellars of Bordeaux only completed the gastronomic rhapsody on the high seas.

  • Dubrovnik was the first stop of a nine-day cruise. After the wedding, we continued sailing. We visited Peljesac, Korcula, Vis, Hvar, Split, Trogir… Nobody needed a crazy time, we liked to be in good company, to be relaxed, to enjoy the peace of the sea, clear skies, clean air, and perfect food – concluded Haris Dzinovic.

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