It is very nice in this period to have someone to hug you, kiss you, to cuddle with someone – Milica Todorovi

It is very nice in this period to have someone to hug you, kiss you, to cuddle with someone - Milica Todorovi

There have been performances, and the singer is currently working on new songs

Milica Todorovic had a lot of obligations and work these days.

There have been performances, and the singer is currently working on new songs. Her private life is intriguing, so questions are constantly being asked about whether she will get married when she will become a mother. The singer denied the inscriptions that she was in a quarrel with Emina Jahovic and talked about cosmetic surgery.

Do you have time for love?

  • I wish someone, it is very nice to have someone in this period to hug you, kiss you, to cuddle with someone. It kind of goes spontaneously. I am not someone who suffers a lot after the end of a relationship. One goes, the other comes, but all the mothers-in-law are beautiful and today I hear from all the mothers-in-law.

What do you ask from a partner?

  • To be my opposite. He should have manners, be cultured, nice, careful. It may sound too much, but it’s not.

You do not hide that you wish to be fulfilled as a mother, you said that on one occasion?

  • I have had a maternal instinct for a long time, I would like to become a mother, but at the moment I cannot technically do it alone. Everything has to go naturally, for some gentleman to happen to me. My mother writes messages to me non-stop. It burns me on Instagram. She sends me babies, but definitely a girl to be.

Does it bother you that they always want to marry you?

  • I said that it is all up to God, destiny, and as it is, let it be destiny. I see that everyone wants to marry me, but I just listen to myself.

Is it true that you wear a ring that protects you from spells?

  • In Istanbul, I bought a ring that I wear all the time, it’s called “evil eye”. I was told that this ring protects against negative energy. Since when should I protect myself when there are no men?

Do you believe in horoscopes?

-I don’t believe too much, but there are truths when they say about Libra that they are indecisive, that’s how I am, and about Cancers that they are very sensitive, and I am in the subsign of Cancer and I can cry whenever I want.

Will there be new songs?

I don't know why Emina Jahović followed me from Instagram

-I have seven finished songs, but I’m an indecisive Libra, so with me it’s all slower. I have one serious hit, a serious folk song, two duets, there is a collaboration with Gazda Paja… I really made a colorful one for the new album.

What is your relationship with Emina Jahović?

  • Journalists call me and ask why Emina followed you from Instagram. I don’t know why he doesn’t follow me, who still watches who follows whom. Of course I didn’t argue with the girl. Everything is fine with Emina. When she was doing her cosmetic line, I know she was in total chaos, I even tried out part of her makeup and was thrilled with what she did.

Many have advised you to enlarge your breasts. Would you do that?

  • Nobody ever looked at my chest, because I don’t have them. I don’t suffer from not having breasts. I have never put on socks in my life to enlarge my breasts. I sometimes look completely flat on performances. I just recently had a gig, I wore a dress that didn’t go with a bra, and the keyboardist said to me, “Put on a little something to look like something.” No one has complained so far.

What is your position on cosmetic surgery?

-If a woman is not satisfied with her appearance and it bothers her mentally, she should do it, I am not against it.

Sometimes you know how to please fans on Instagram with sexy photos. Why don’t you do it more often when you are considered one of the most beautiful singers?

  • I only have one nude photo I took this summer. That’s a little bit if we’re going to compare ourselves to some of my colleagues or bloggers because I hang it up once in a hundred years. It was an experiment on vacation, I was at the pool and I wanted to see how people would react. I got 90,000 likes because people like to watch it.


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