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    Find out why Jelena Rozga went to Zagreb

    Although they have been good friends for years, the duet of two singers, who have rightly gained great popularity throughout the region, has been long overdue

    It was not difficult for Jelena Rozga to travel from Split to Zagreb for Valentine’s Day to support her friend and colleague Sasa Matic.

    Although they have been good friends for years, the duo of two singers, who rightly gained great popularity in the whole region, waited a long time, and then Jelena and Sasa sang the song “You and I” and climbed to the top of YouTube trends in the region.

    Jelena did not hide her enthusiasm that after a long wait she had the opportunity to make a duet with Sasa Matic, and she admitted that she was overwhelmed by emotions and that she cried with this song.

    -Career more than 25 years. And only a few times did I cry at the song. I didn’t cry on this one. I cried… And I just want you to feel the same, my emotion, for which I am infinitely grateful to Sasa Matic for sharing it with me, she said.

    That is why it is not surprising that Jelena gladly came to Zagreb to support a friend and colleague at the promotion of his tenth album ‘Two Lives’, which he held in the emerald hall of the Esplanade Hotel.

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