Family is my greatest strength – Nikolina Kovac

With his talent, beauty, and charisma, he has been a recognized name on the regional stage for years

Nikolina Kovac is one of the most famous in Bosnia and Herzegovina. singer, who with her talent, beauty and charisma have been a recognized name on the regional stage for years. She has many hits behind her, but her great successes are yet to come. This time, only for “Media”, Nikolina spoke about the past year, the current projects she is working on, but we also looked at issues from the private life of the beautiful singer.

– As for all people, including me, this was a year full of ups and downs. The situation with the pandemic forced us, conditionally speaking, to redirect our plans depending on the situation with the virus, but I like to remember only beautiful moments and recharge my energy based on them, thinking about these wonderful things that serve as a driving force and source. light in all life situations – said Nikolina at the beginning of our conversation.

How much has your business suffered because of the overall situation in the world?

– There were wonderful moments that I shared with my audience, I had the privilege to be the most important moments of people who will magnify and complete the most special moments in their lives, these are romantic weddings that will forever remain woven into my thoughts and for me, it is a great honor. If we talk about these beautiful moments, then there were public appearances with the divine energy that at times I wanted to “burst” with happiness and pleasure, but of course, there were those performances that had to be canceled and it is this uncertainty that has us has happened in recent years and makes it very difficult to plan anything. But again, I go through life with my head held high and I truly believe, no matter how easy some wounds are, I believe in the good.

Are you now ready to embark on new projects and make up for lost time?

– My goal this year is to present my debut album “I live for love” which is for me the most important project in my work so far both as a performer and as a singer-songwriter, so I believe that in the end, everything will turn out the way I imagined and actually the way as it should be.

As a public figure, you are often targeted by the public. Many are interested in your private life, family relationships. How do you comment on that and do you ever want to get away from it all?

– Everything is in the perception itself, in how we see ourselves and what we want from life. We lead a normal family life, not considering some exceptions, on the contrary, we are normal family people who in our lives in the lives of our children aim to establish true human values ​​and do the work we love. Simplicity as an imperative is a victory for me, then one can be sure that whatever he is doing is on the right path.

Husband and you do the same art, do you sometimes disagree when it comes to music? Do you support each other or make some constructive criticisms of each other?

– We agree on some crucial life attitudes, and we know not to agree on business visions, which is quite natural, because everyone is an individual for himself, and that is how it should be so that in the end everyone has their own view of things.

You have also fulfilled your most important role in life. How much has motherhood changed you?

– Motherhood additionally modulates you, shapes you into a person who knows how to appreciate even more true values ​​and implement them in raising children, on the other hand, it is the most difficult thing in the world, to be a mother, and there you have a constant questioning whether you are good did or did not. But, the most important thing is that children should be bathed in love and attention and that in the end, that endless love is the greatest strength that every child needs.

Has your career suffered because of your private life, and vice versa?

– When you decide on the role of a mother, it requires a certain commitment and it is really the greatest responsibility that a woman can place as the foundation of a healthy family, which is again the most beautiful and difficult role in life. In today’s time of hyperproduction, when everything escalates at lightning speed, every absence in any business affects your career, but my greatest strength is my family, my children, and I chose my path this way, to make my family my wind in the back.

What always cheers you up?

– Small ordinary things, a cup of coffee or tea in a favorite cup, a favorite song on the radio. Fortunately, I really need a little, a hug, a glass of good conversation, someone who will understand and comprehend me.

Which of your songs are you most proud of?

– “Love when it stops”, “I live for love”, “How to forget you.”

Favorite song you sing from one of your colleagues?

– “If you ever meet me” song by Dino Merlin, “Hug me” beautiful song by Zdravko Colic is some of my favorites.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t?

– These are Dino Merlin and zeljko Joksimovic, people whose work I really appreciate and I would like to cooperate with them at some point.

You are considered one of the most beautiful singers in our area. How impressive is that title and has physical appearance helped you in life?

– Thank you, that is a really big compliment because there are beautiful women in our area. I think that it is very important when you do public work to be authentic and recognizable by your physical appearance and sensibility, to nurture something that sets you apart, because it is this feature that makes you authentic.

You have gone through turbulent life moments. What is your motivation to stay positive?

– I focus on what is positive, beautiful, wonderful, and what is bad I try to suppress quickly, I have simplified my life as much as possible, so my expectations are different than before, I need very little luck and I am grateful for the very fact that it is so.

When can the audience expect your new projects?

– “I live for love” is, as I have already mentioned, the most important project in my career so far and I am looking forward to its realization. I am listening to that right moment and I believe that it will happen soon.

The best advice someone has given you that you would share with us?

– “No happiness is as great as peace of mind” – Geprge B. Shaw.

Cassandra Haider
Cassandra Haider
Cassandra Haider is a young writer and entrepreneur from California, USA. Cassandra aspires to motivate youngsters. She is a fashion enthusiast and more into the news. Cassandra is Editor with Megalopreneur.

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