Dangerous technology is coming – Is this the beginning of total control

Dangerous technology is coming - Is this the beginning of total control

New York’s Clear View is filling its database with facial photos by searching sources such as Facebook, YouTube, and millions of other sites, and their technology is already used by a number of law enforcement agencies and government agencies around the world. In order to fight crime, they want to make a collection of 14 photos for each of the 7 and a half billion people.

“As citizens and consumers, we are in the middle of two kinds of interests, what is at stake is our right to privacy. In some countries the regulations are more regulated, a good example is the European Union which has GDPR (General data protection regulation), a system of various regulations and laws that protect against taking photos and other data, and similarly in Serbia which has the Law on Personal Data Protection. “There is a basis on which to build a defense against continuous” monitoring “, but it is built through bureaucracy through laws, and practice indicates that they are bypassed in various ways,” said media and new technology expert Dr. Mirko Stojkovic for Sputnik ”and added:

“Criminals circumvent the law, just as they rob banks with security guards and cameras, they will do the same, regardless of the cameras that record people on the streets, they will only be more careful. They will find an opportunity to hack the camera or hide in some other way. The problem with this type of surveillance is actually for everyone else because none of us will dedicate our lives to not being recognized on the social network or not being visible on the street. We will be the ones whose data are collected and processed, we will be the ones whose way of thinking and behaving will be modified in accordance with the wishes of the best bidder “, claims Stojkovic.

The goal is exclusively profit.

Whoever pays and says, I want someone to buy my vanilla ice cream, I want to buy women aged between 29 and 34, who live here and there, he will get targeted areas, news that are formulated in such a way that consciously or unconsciously push towards shopping that product for which some manufacturer paid for that kind of marketing campaign. The commercials we watch on television are just a part of what shapes our attitudes and our opinions on various things. ”

Is it about absolute control and loss of freedom?

“It is absolute control, there is no freedom of spirit, there is no freedom at all. I think that the weak argument is that crime is something that is the basic goal of those who deal with artificial intelligence in such a way, with this kind of supervision, because crime does not decrease much. I think that the control of people is actually the final source of all this “, concludes Stojkovic.

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