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    Volkova, Rubtsova and other stars who have long ceased to dream of plastic face and body

    Who among us has not dreamed of correcting a seemingly imperfect nose or enlarging breasts? According to statistics, at least 20% of women seriously think about plastic surgery. But for the most part, with age, we begin to accept the features of appearance, which in our youth were considered flaws. And then with a smile, we remember how we once wanted to change ourselves for the sake of fashion.

    Valentina Rubtsova

    The star of the TV series “Univer” laughingly says in an interview that during her school years she hated her ears, which were “ugly” sticking out. The girl did not want to put up with it and even glued them with tape at night! The future actress also did not like her petite height and thin lips.

    “I have never considered myself beautiful, this is from childhood. For some reason, in Soviet times, it was customary to compare all children. Here they are beautiful, and you are not very, but interesting … With this installation, I came to the theater studio, where everything fell into place and the shortcomings turned into advantages! Big ears, small stature, thin lips, “- says Rubtsova.

    It was the theater studio that allowed the girl to forget about the “flaws” of her appearance and understand that her attractiveness lies in charm, charisma, and energy. The actress, of course, could then correct the shape of her ears and make her lips plumper, but she simply did not want to. The complexes have disappeared. A happy marriage also played a role. 40-year-old Rubtsova has been married to Arthur Martirosyan for many years.

    Mariya Kozhevnikova

    Rubtsova’s colleague on the Univer series, Maria Kozhevnikova, regularly proves to haters that she did nothing with her face. They constantly accuse the mother of many children of tuning, they say, she made herself cheekbones and increased the volume of her lips. The actress once said that ten years ago she really wanted to make her lips plumper. Then the boom in contour plastics just began, thanks to which even the owners of thin lips could get an enviable volume. Many were so fond of the procedure that they acquired “duck” lips, but this is not about them. Kozhevnikova at some point went to see a beautician.

    “Before the procedure, I am injected with pain relievers, and I faint. It’s unpleasant, of course, but every cloud has a silver lining. Apparently, this small blow to the head and put her in order. The doctor got scared and with the words that I did not need “THIS”, sent me home. Since then, there have been no more desires to change something in oneself, let alone redo, ”the artist recalled.

    Ekaterina Volkova

    The star of the series “Voronins” stands up for lively actors’ faces with active facial expressions. More than anything, Catherine is afraid of becoming a porcelain doll with huge lips. Since the age of thirty, she has been visiting a beautician, with whom they are already friends with families. In many ways, it was this woman who dissuaded her from plastic surgery. For a long time, Volkova did not like her own nose and breast size. “I always had a dream to make a smaller nose, then I decided that I needed to trim here, here, and here. She looked at me and asked in surprise: “What is there to cut?” I was indignant: “Well, how? I’m 30 years old, it’s time to cut!” She looked at me and said: “If you cut, then it is not for me. You can beat a hyaluron, dysport, do supportive procedures …”. So I stayed with her. The face is my job, it is imperative to take care of it ”

    Also, Ekaterina dreamed of second full breast size in order to wear underwear without a push-up. The beautician advised her to contact a surgeon and her husband. At his reception, the girl was embarrassed (how to undress in front of her friend’s husband?) And soon forgot about the operation. Now he says that at the age of 39, it is much more important to keep in good shape what nature has given.

    Lyubov Tolkalina

    The 43-year-old star recalls with a laugh about trips to plastic surgeons a few years ago. The artist was almost sure that she needed a facelift, but the experts almost kicked her out of the office. What worried one of the most beautiful actresses in our cinema? Too mobile facial expressions that threaten to be reflected on the face with wrinkles. “I have hyper-flexible facial expressions, I like to laugh, curl and at some point I will definitely turn into Jim Carrey with all the ensuing … wrinkles. I expressed these concerns to the surgeon. He listened to me attentively and said that if I continue in the same spirit, he will hit me, ”Lyubov said in an interview. A colleague of a plastic surgeon also advised the girl not to fill her head with thoughts about plastic surgery, but to start doing facial gymnastics to calm her down.

    Danila Lupin

    According to statistics, the most popular in the world were and remain blepharoplasty and mammoplasty. If you pay attention to the rating of operations by a particular specialist, then each has their own: someone focuses on the breast, someone on rhinoplasty. There are narrow specialists who are engaged, for example, only with rhinoplasty. They don’t carry out any more operations. For me, blepharoplasty and mammoplasty have always been, are, and will be the most popular – these operations can be called “essential” manipulations.

    These surgical procedures are performed at different ages. Usually, younger patients come, although, for example, in rhinoplasty, there is no such thing that it must be done at a certain age. Plastic surgery to correct the nose is performed from the age of 18.

    Sometimes patients are sure that apart from a certain operation, it is impossible to improve the face and body. But it is not always the case. Always be honest with a plastic surgeon, then he will be able to choose the right procedure for you that is right for you. For example, if a patient has early signs of age-related changes, initial signs of ptosis, prolapse of facial tissues, then surgical intervention can be dispensed with – thread lifting, injection cosmetology, and hardware techniques will help. If the patient has severe ptosis, then, of course, only a surgical facelift.

    There are many indications for plastic surgery. However, if a patient has deviations from the norm after passing medical tests, I immediately talk about this, and we try to find an alternative. Also, often in practice, there are people who do not know what they want. In this case, the surgeon should try to dissuade or refuse the patient to perform the operation. Another “no” is the lack of clear indicators. For example, a patient with beautiful breasts comes and wants to get implants, of course, any specialist will try to dissuade her. Or the girl wanted to have her nose corrected. Although it can be harmonious, symmetrical, and appropriate to the proportions of the face. But the patient wanted to make him small, puppet, upturned – on my part there would be a refusal.

    Before visiting a plastic surgeon’s office, you should think carefully about whether you really want to change something. In an effort to correct our appearance, we sometimes look for a better attitude towards ourselves, we want to be loved and noticed more. This means that there are psychological problems here and first you need to work out exactly them.

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