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    Top 10 most stylish African American women in the world

    We continue to study the style in different parts of the world. This time African American women were our focus. Finding out what clothes they like, what fashion techniques they use, and what they should learn from them.

    Zoe Kravitz

    Zoe Kravitz’s rebellious spirit is reflected in her outfits. The actress knows how to change, easily decides to experiment, and tries to avoid stereotyped combinations. In everyday life, she prefers wide trousers and jeans, loose-fitting shirts, bright T-shirts, and jackets from a man’s shoulder, which she wears deliberately casually, while her looks on the red carpet are feminine and elegant. She knows how to wear even the simplest things unusually, deftly mixes the incongruous, and works great with color.

    Naomi Campbell

    Naomi is deservedly considered a style icon; her exit looks always pleasantly surprise fans. To emphasize the exotic beauty, the girl prefers tight-fitting outfits in contrasting colors. Most often these are dresses with a deep neckline, translucent inserts, decorated with precious stones, sequins, or sequins. Often, the model can be seen in masculine-style suits that emphasize her graceful figure.


    At such a young age, Zendaya rightfully bears the status of a style icon. An important role in this was played by the stylist of the actress Low Roach, after meeting with whom she changed clumsy outfits with dresses and sneakers for much more mature and thoughtful images. Zendaya’s wardrobe is difficult to describe in two words – she is constantly changing and tries not to limit herself to the framework of one style. She has formal suits, and rebellious jeans, and seductive dresses that emphasize the figure, and whatever she wears, everything suits her. The actress has an exotic appearance, and to emphasize it, she relies on no less exotic clothes: bright colors, intricate cuts, unusual textures, daring prints, and bold cutouts are permanent elements of her image.

    Alisha Keys

    There are no boring colors and styles in Alisha’s wardrobe – the singer has a special love for bright outfits. The star is not afraid of experiments and skillfully mixes different styles, emphasizing her individuality with the help of clothes. Sweatpants and tops, formal suits, elegant dresses and skirts – all this can be found in the singer’s closet.


    We love Ciara for her courage and creative approach to clothing. The star loves unusual prints and textures and easily adapts even the most complex things to the everyday wardrobe. Ciara is always aware of fashion trends and even on weekdays, she tries to dress following them. You will not find her on the street in stretched sweatpants and a nondescript sweater – the singer prefers to always be at her best. Most of all, she loves clothes with character: jackets with an active shoulder line, dresses with high slits, rough shoes, daring crop tops – this is the basis of the star’s wardrobe.

    Kerry Washington

    Unlike her on-screen heroine in the series “Scandal” – anti-crisis manager Olivia Pope – Kerry Washington avoids excessive severity in clothes. She is much closer to soft, feminine outfits. In everyday life, she constantly wears heels and, on rare occasions, prefers shoes with a low stroke. Kerry’s big love is floral dresses and A-line skirts. They make up not only the evening but also the everyday wardrobe of the actress. Less commonly, she can be seen wearing jeans or pantsuits.


    At the beginning of her career, Beyoncé was especially fond of experimenting with style. On carpets, she could be seen in miniskirts, translucent blouses, ultra-short dresses with slits, decorated with sequins or sequins. But the singer’s life was changing and with it her style. Today, the star often prefers elegant outfits for the figure. She often chooses silhouette fish dresses that emphasize her seductive forms.

    Kat Graham

    Kat is the goddess of stiff style and red carpet. The actress has an innate sense of style that helps her always look great. She closely follows trends and skillfully adapts them to her wardrobe, creating complex, deep and thoughtful images to the smallest detail. Unusual styles, asymmetry, curly cutouts, a mix of colors and prints – Kat does not get tired of trying something new and is always open to fashion experiments.

    Michelle Obama

    Although Michelle’s status did not allow her to experiment with style, this did not prevent her from receiving the title of America’s fashion icon. In the images of the former first lady of the United States, an active life position, energy, and charisma have always been manifested. She diluted strict outfits with bright details: tastefully selected jewelry, interesting belts, and other accessories. In clothes, Michelle preferred saturated or pastel shades and tried to avoid being too stiff. With all her appearance, Barack Obama’s wife created the impression of a feminine, elegant, self-confident woman.

    Meghan Markle

    After meeting Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s style has changed a lot. Midi-length outfits replaced mini-skirts and dresses, and bright makeup and deep necklines gave way to a laconic cut and naturalness. The main part of Megan’s wardrobe is basic things that can be easily combined. The ex-duchess has repeatedly admitted that she loves the style of French women and often supplements her images with the attributes of French chic. In her arsenal, there are wide trousers with a fit at the waist, sheath dresses, shirt dresses, skirts below the knee, blouses made of flowing fabric, elegant coats. From time to time, the ex-duchess can be seen in jeans.

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