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    This mascara is even supposed to replace a lash lift

    If you want to get the most out of your eyelashes, all you need is mascara – but a very special one. And we want to take a closer look at them here

    Mascara with an effect: This inexpensive mascara should even replace lash lifting

    For full and long lashes, you no longer need complex or costly treatment. Because thanks to a special mascara from Maybelline, the booster for a radiant look also works very easily. And the mascara is also affordable at less than ten euros.

    Maybelline mascara: a mega booster for your lashes

    Falsies Lash Lift – the name says it all! It is precisely this mascara from Maybelline that gives your eyelashes curl. Applied correctly, you can use it to conjure up lashes in no time and with little effort that looks like you’ve just been to a professional. But how is that supposed to work? In fact, there are special formulas and technologies behind it: The mascara contains eyelash-lengthening fibers that are supported by an innovative lifting brush. And you should be able to enjoy it all day long – that’s how long the whole thing should last.

    Lash-lifting mascara: This mascara gives shape and volume

    To achieve the best possible effect, you should pay attention to a few small things during application: It is best to start with the brush as close as possible to the lash line. As you slide along the lashes, simply move the brush gently to the left and right. You can also lift the eyelid a little, which makes the beauty process even easier. Depending on how full and long your eyelashes look and how intense the volume should be, you can of course apply multiple tints on top of each other.

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