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    this cool retro look is celebrating its fashion comeback in summer 2021

    The tennis trend is in the fast lane in summer 2021. We’ll show you how to wear the cool retro look and where to find the right pleated skirts

    Tennis trend: this cool retro look is back in fashion in summer 2021

    The sporty retro look has long been one of our favorite styles. In the summer of 2021, the tennis trend will join again and ensure an exciting fashion comeback. It gives our wardrobe sporty, playful looks with which we would not only ensure “game, set, and victory” at Wimbledon. The focus is almost always on the pleated skirt. And then the question arises: How sporty can it be?

    Tennis trend: all-over or creative light versions?

    If you want to celebrate the tennis trend in all its retro splendor, you should of course choose the all-over look. And when we say all over, we mean it too. Means: tennis socks, sneakers, a sporty top, polo shirt and/or tank top and the obligatory peaked cap should not be missing here.

    But individual tennis styles in combination with casual pieces can also bring the tennis look to life. The tennis trend piece par excellence, the pleated skirt, can be styled in countless variations. And fashion, thank goodness, is currently available in a wide variety of designs – from sporty to playful to elegant. There are no limits to your styling imagination.

    Tennis trend: pleated skirts for after-shopping

    Have you been interested and would you like to bet on the tennis trend in summer 2021? How about one of the following pleated skirts:

    Tennis-Rock in Marine-Look

    This short H&M tennis skirt in navy blue with two white stripes and the classic pleated folds combines your tennis look with maritime designs. Simply style a white polo shirt and, depending on your mood, complete it with other maritime elements.

    Tennis-Rock in Profi-Style

    Of course, the relevant sportswear labels also have the tennis skirt in their range. With this logo skirt from Adidas, you lay the foundation for an authentic retro look. It is best to combine it with a matching shirt, cap, tennis socks, and sneakers, as shown here.

    Tennis-Rock im Pastell-Look

    Do you like things a little more playful and girlish? Then this light purple pleated skirt from H&M is your it-piece for the trendy summer. How about a white blouse made of lace, for example?

    Tennis skirt in the trendy color white

    White is always possible, even with the tennis trend. With this pleated skirt by Boohoo, you simply style a matching crop top, bustier or T-shirt, cool sneakers, or sandals – and the airy summer look is perfect.

    Tennis-Rock in Business-Look

    Yes, the pleated skirt can do that too: business. Simply combine the gray pleated mini by Asos Design with a simple shirt and an oversized blazer. Instead of sneakers, you can also wear loafers or chunky shoes here – and the tennis trend makes it into the office.

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