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    The starlet is going for an overhaul again, and the reason will shock you!

    Starlet Ana Korac allegedly plans to remove another rib from a surgeon in Turkey who narrows her waist with this method.

    According to local media, Koraceva is a regular client of the Turkish plastic artist, who is one of the most famous in the world, and many stars come to him in order to improve their appearance.

    At the end of last year, Ana operated on her buttocks with the mentioned surgeon for plastic reconstructive surgery, which is just one of the corrections she has made in recent years. Now she has decided to reduce her waist even further and remove another rib, considering that she has already undergone such a procedure and is very satisfied – says the source.

    Lately, she started ironing her belly and waist to be as narrow as possible in the pictures, and as she is afraid of bad Photoshop, she decided to achieve the desired effect by going under the knife again and bringing the look to perfection. He is already traveling to Istanbul at the end of September, while he does all the analyzes and the necessary preparation for such an act. She decided to take a friend with her who will be with her until she recovers and returns to Belgrade.

    Ana became close to the doctor in Turkey because she was already leaving large sums of money with him, and it is possible that she will get a discount for this intervention.

    No doctor in Serbia performs this type of operation, so the price must be high. When she increased her buttocks, Koraceva cashed in 5,000 euros, so even now she will not take more than 6,000, although such an intervention is more demanding and expensive. It is done under total anesthesia and recovery takes about two weeks if everything goes without complications – the source concludes.

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