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    The husband does not love – your mistake – Alena Vodonaeva

    Alena Vodonaeva, 39, explained how she treats people who are looking for flaws in others. The TV presenter urged to pay attention first of all to herself.

    The actress of the series “Deffchonki” is used to actively sharing everything that happens in her life. Alena often talks about her travels and raising her son. The “House-2” star does this for the reason that she likes it when her own experience turns out to be useful to someone. However, not everyone understands such a kind attitude on the part of the artist.

    The other day Alena went for a walk around the Novodevichy cemetery, where the graves of many famous writers are located. This place is endowed with a special aura, and Vodonaeva really wanted to share her own impressions, to show this location with her own eyes. However, many users paid attention not to this at all, but to an annoying error.

    “There is a mistake in the official geotag of the Novodevichy cemetery,” Alena admitted. There this place is designated as “Novodevechye cemetery”. It is impossible to fix this error for Vodonaeva or another follower, except for the creator of this geotag. Together with the impressions of the excursion, Alena received a lot of indignation about this particular spelling mistake.

    “Friends, let you live your life and do not follow other people’s mistakes. Your husband, who does not love, appreciate or respect you, whom you have chosen and stay with him, is your mistake. The cowardice that left you in the place where you are now, and did not go further and did not make a career, starting to live well and independently, is your mistake, ”Vodonaeva turned to the haters.

    She emphasized that you should not follow other people’s mistakes, but rather concentrate on your own and try to correct them. “I was alone, probably looking at the picture and waiting for Bulgakov’s grave. I love his works very much, and people looked out for mistakes ”,“ I didn’t even look to see if there was a mistake or not. My eyes were fixed on the video. Novodevichy Cemetery is an amazing museum! ” – the followers supported the star.

    Alena complained that most of the female fans often insult her. “There are those who will prompt the error with the best of intentions. Thanks to them. But 90% in this way seek to devalue, offend and get nasty, ”said the TV star.

    Recently, Vodonaeva frankly told how her relationship with her son is developing. The grown-up boy charmed the fans of the artist.

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