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    The famous singer’s brother lives in a tent – I am homeless, and my sister is a millionaire

    British singer Cheryl Cole has an older brother Andrew Tweedy.

    He claims that he is not on good terms with his sister. According to him, they have not spoken for years and he accuses her through the media that he is homeless. These statements of his raised a lot of dust in Great Britain, he writes “The Sun”.

      Well, now I live like this, I beg on the street for money. I have been living like this for more than three months and it breaks my heart. I have too much pride for a life like this. I should not be on the street with the family I have – said Tweedy.

    He claims that no one from the family contacted him.

      Not even Cheryl. They’re my family, and Cheryl doesn’t even know I’m on the street. I don’t blame her at all. This is my bottom – said, Andrew.

    “The Sun” reports that he lives in a tent, surrounded by “bottles of urine and empty cans of beer.”

    Tweedy has a number of offenses, and the fact is that Cheryl gave him 20,000 pounds for rehabilitation in order to fight his opiate addiction. He says he ended up on the street after breaking up with a girl last year.

      I did well for two years, I worked and progressed. And then things fell apart with my girlfriend – said Andrew, who has a son from a previous relationship, but not custody of him because of his vices.

    In addition, in 2011, he served six years in prison for robbing a post office.

       Now I am waiting for temporary accommodation from the municipality, while Cheryl is worth 35 million and lives in a villa worth five million – Andrew complained.

    Cheryl had already had an enviable career as a dancer and was building her journey at a time when Andrew was 13 years old discovering opiates and committing his first burglaries. Because he was constantly in prison, he also missed his sister’s 2006 wedding.

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