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    The 4 most beautiful trends with triangle bra

    The triangle bra not only looks seductive and stunning, it is also quite comfortable. A direct hit when it comes to underwear!

    Push-up bras were still very popular in the 2000s . For some women, the lined bowls couldn’t be thick enough – so they definitely helped with cheating. Then came the athleisure trend and with it the comfortable sports bra without underwire – which was not only worn for sports. We women noticed that underwear doesn’t have to pinch and pinch , but can accompany us all day without being uncomfortable.

    Unfortunately, these sporty bras are not really sexy and seductive. Lingerie should also be able to look good – at least now and then. And this is exactly the problem that the triangle bra solves . It is the new must-have … not only for under, but also for over.

    What is the triangle bra?

    The word “triangle” is English and translates as ” triangle “. It actually describes the bra pretty well. Because the cup has a triangular shape, the tip of which ends in the carrier.

    There is the option of the straps converging in the neck (the halter neck model) or, as with the classic bra, individually over the shoulder blades . This variant is the most popular because it does not cause neck pain.

    There are now also models with a front closure that does not sit on the back but between the cups at the front.

    Triangle bras originally had no underwire, no push-up inserts and no preformed cups either – but that has changed in the meantime.

    The 4 most beautiful trends with triangle bras

    Accordingly, there are now many options for triangle bras. We’ll show you the latest trends and the most beautiful models:

    1. Plain t-shirt bra

    The simple and sporty-looking triangle bra is super comfortable and, with the right material, also breathable. The “standard” variant often has these typical features:

    Color : Like the model, the color is calm. Black, white and gray fit best and are the most versatile.
    material : It is best to use organic cotton, which allows your skin to breathe even in hot temperatures. A little stretch increases the comfort even further.
    Padding : While this variant is usually a wire-free bra, the cups can still be shaped. The advantage: A padded bra is best for everyday wear and underneath. Because so-called T-shirt bras do not stand out very well and prevent nipple alarms.

    Sporty and without wire: triangle bras for underneath

    2. Seductive lace triangle bras

    They belong more to the category: bras have to look good? Do you love seductive lingerie with high-quality lace and feel sexy and comfortable in it? Then the lace triangle bra is just right for you.

    Whether in classic black or eye-catching red – the color is of secondary importance here. The material and the workmanship ensure the wow moment . Because lace stands for eroticism and elegance like no other material. The skin shimmers through gently or the border hugs the breast – that’s all it takes for a sensual feeling.

    Our tip : Always wear the right one with your bra panties with .

    Black & sexy: these triangle bras leave nothing to be desired

    3. Eye-catching triangle models in bright colors

    This category is no less sexy than trend number two. The real difference: The brightly colored triangle bras are more playful and radiate freshness . Strong orange or yellow paired with light pink or cool blue in combination with sweet pink – you immediately get in a good mood, right?

    The exciting game between striking bright colors and noble lace is very beautiful. Here, too, it is advisable to buy suitable panties if possible .

    Bright colors category: Eye-catching triangle bras

    4. Stylish for over it

    Not wearing a bra under a T-shirt, but visibly under a (half) open blazer or blouse? That’s too brave for many – it just looks stunning.

    Who does not dare to show his complete bra that can once small start and a little more from the tip a little further unbuttoned blouse can hervorblitzen. Then at some point – preferably in summer – the great bra look might come under a cardigan or blazer.

    By the way : A cup bra with a bit of lace and a long waistband is best for this. With the so-called longline bra, which can even end at the level of the navel , you feel a little more dressed.

    Awesome look for under or over: longline bras for women

    Are triangle bras also suitable for larger sizes?

    A non-wired triangle bra with a small cup, narrow lower band and thin straps – these bras are actually more for small cup sizes . But even women with a larger bust can wear triangle bras without any problems. They conjure up a deep cleavage that is beautifully framed by the triangular shape of the bralette. Bigger bras are all about support and not only underwire can provide this.

    When buying your bra, make sure that it is the right size and also that it has built-in cups, wide straps and well-shaped underwires. But be careful: brackets must never press!

    Underwire cup bras for women with a large bust

    Tip: You can also “help out” with triangle bras

    If you wear a triangle bra, you don’t actually need a push-up. Because the triangle bustier also creates a pretty V-shaped cleavage (ideal for V-necklines).

    However, some women feel more comfortable in a thick cup bra and want a push-up bra that helps out for more silhouette . There is also a large selection for this:

    Make something: the triangle push-up bra

    Shopping tip: How to find the right bra

    A bra has to fit well, otherwise it will cause more trouble than good in the long run. Whose bust size allows, you should definitely choose a non-wired bra , because it is usually the underwires that ensure that the bra pinches and pinches. When buying, you should definitely pay attention to the fit – there are four rules for this :

    1. The bosom should be the cups fill the bra nicely and perfectly.
    2. The porters must not cut into them. Adjustable straps are a must, they can be used to regulate a lot.
    3. The underwire : The bridge and the underwire nestle comfortably under the bosom.
    4. The band is tight but not tight.

    Our tip : Once you have found a model that fits you perfectly, it is best to stick with this brand.

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