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    Jessica Simpson revealed the secret of her radiant skin

    When it comes to hair care, he says he washes it two to three times a week

    Singer Jessica Simpson is happy to share her privacy with the public. On social networks, we often see her having fun with her husband and children, but in addition to the numerous obligations that are implied when it comes to a family of five – she finds time to dedicate to her appearance.

    This beauty admits that skin and hair care is something that is very important to her. Although she uses various preparations, there are also her favorites without which she cannot imagine her care, and she wrote about them recently to the followers of her blog.

    The cream, which is necessary not only for her but also for her family, is, as she says, good for various skin problems – from chapped lips, through dry skin, to milder forms of eczema. She uses the same cream to remove makeup.

    For more elasticity and radiance of her skin, Jessica regularly uses a serum that prevents visible signs of aging. In addition, he likes to use coconut-based lotion. The charismatic singer says that this product smells wonderful and that it is especially practical on occasions when she is not putting on perfume.

    When it comes to hair care, he says he washes it two to three times a week. In the meantime, use a spray that eliminates excess fat. The hair straightener is responsible for her recognizable wavy hairstyle. Once a week, he also uses a preparation that restores the structure of the hair. Due to long-term coloring, her hair needs additional care from time to time, and with proper treatment, her hair becomes soft and easy to style.

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