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I miss the catwalk - Maria Minogarova


I miss the catwalk – Maria Minogarova

The model and TV presenter spoke about her favorite vacation, life in Milan and her long-awaited vacation.

Masha, you were born in Krasnodar. You probably won’t surprise you with good weather?

Due to the fact that I was born in Krasnodar, I have a different understanding of good weather. When people in plus 30 shout how wonderful it is, I want to cry and tell them: come to your senses, don’t go out, it’s bad there (laughs). The best weather is when you are walking in a light jacket and you are neither hot nor cold. I love the Moscow summer.

Where did you most often go on vacation as a child and with whom?

Of course, with the parents – who let the children go alone (Laughs)! And I mostly rested in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory – Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Tuapse.

Did you have summer camps in your childhood?

Only once, and I accidentally went to the stadium for a walk, and took up athletics (Laughs). Enrolled in a group, began to participate in competitions. Then I was sent to a children’s sports camp. Every morning I had to run cross-country uphill and train hard several times a day. It was more like not a summer camp, but a sports training camp. I decided that the camp was not mine.

Do you miss the atmosphere of the Russian south?

Highly! And you have to understand that every year I immerse myself in it. In order to wake up childhood memories, every summer I visit my friend in Arkhipo-Osipovka – I enjoy the cries of corn and churchkhela sellers and the sight of children on inflatable peacock mattresses – all that is enough there.

You have a great sense of humor. Friends are probably lining up to go on vacation with you?

Unfortunately, until 2021, in principle, I never went on vacation. Well, the rest of the parents doesn’t count. Therefore, there was no queue. Only recently we have teamed up with Nastasya Samburskaya – and had a great vacation in the Maldives!

It seems that you are a girl-lighter and always for any kipish. this is true?

It was like that for a while. But over the years, I realized that if I agree to every party, then the lighter in me can burn out (Laughs). Therefore, I am selective about night activities.

What can make you stay at home?

Sound healthy sleep!

When did you first go abroad?

It was the finale of “Top Model in Russian”, it was filmed in New York, and I, who had never even traveled to Moscow as a tourist in my life, immediately ended up in the Big Apple. For me, this, of course, was a shock. My world just turned upside down. I thought that Krasnodar was the center of the Universe: we have a bowling alley, a huge shopping center, and a cinema. And when I got to New York, I realized that there is something in the world a little more than my hometown …

And then you started working in Milan. How were your days there?

Just like all female models. I woke up, stood in line for a shower – because I had five more roommates, then went to a cafe, ate a croissant and drank coffee, and then went to the agency, where they gave us a list with casting addresses. And all day running around the city, trying to get a job.

You once complained that you were not taken to shows because of your height …

Yes, when I was actively working as a model, it was not easy with my 185 cm. The problem was that the average clothing does not fit well on a person with such height: the waist goes up, the sleeves or legs are always short. At that time, there were practically no outfits for girls taller than 180 cm. Hopefully, now everything has changed.

Don’t you miss the catwalk?

Honestly, I miss you. Sometimes I wonder if I should make another run, but so far, due to the tight schedule, it has not been possible.

Have you been the host of a travel show (“Heads and Tails. Russia”) of a fashion program (“Podium”)? What experience do you consider more valuable?

Everywhere there were pluses and minuses – after all, we are talking about completely different formats. But Heads and Tails is a fantastic project. I am happy that my co-host Maria Gorban and I managed to discover the corners of Russia, which otherwise we would never have got to in our life. It just would not have occurred to me to go there – and in vain. We were in Altai, Baikal, Kamchatka, Khakassia, re-explored Sochi, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod. Each of these places is a treasure, and I realized this only after being there (Smiles).

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