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how to repeat the most important hairstyle of autumn


how to repeat the most important hairstyle of autumn

TikTok and Instagram are taken over by the new beauty trend! This time it was the hair’s turn. So, meet: liquid hair, or “liquid hair”. We will tell you how to repeat the hairstyle at home.


It is adored and regularly made by both the first Hollywood stars and beauty bloggers who quickly respond to the hottest trends. We are sure that you will like “liquid hair” too!

What is “liquid hair”?

At first glance, the phrase “liquid hair” evokes thoughts of problems with the density of hair. But don’t be alarmed, the new beauty trend is not about that at all! Its essence lies not in sparse hair, but on the contrary, in very healthy and dense hair. But at the same time soft, smooth and iridescent, like a surface of the water.

Ideally, the strands should flow like a waterfall. Surely you have seen videos in the accounts of beauty salons, where the master shakes his hair, and they really look like water.

It is believed that the fashion for “liquid hair” is a logical continuation of the trend on glass skin. We remind you: this is a type of makeup where the emphasis is on “wet”, smooth, radiant skin, as if you had just stepped out of a pool or shower. Such a “wet” finish is imitated thanks to the highlighter’s impact dose, and preferably in liquid form and with a maximum rather than delicate finish. This image looks very fresh and unusual. Therefore, personally, we are not at all surprised that now is the time to add a “twist” and curls!

How to make “liquid hair”: professional procedures

Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande and many domestic celebrities constantly resort to such styling – it seems that it is combined with any image! Do you want to repeat after them? Let’s be honest: it’s not a fact that you will be able to get perfectly smooth strands the first time. And in general, if your hair is not smooth, and even damaged, you will have to make some efforts to achieve a “liquid effect”.

Of course, the simplest thing is to go to a beauty salon and do hair botox or keratin straightening. It is thanks to these procedures that it is easiest to get loose, heavy and shiny hair, reflecting every ray of light from itself.

Despite the fact that instadives have been a fan of procedures with keratin for several years, this option may not be the most suitable for ordinary life. Well, or not the solution that needs to be used on an ongoing basis.

See for yourself.

On the one hand, keratin straightening makes the strands perfectly straight, gives them an “expensive” shine and makes combing much easier. And not for a couple of days, but for several months. It is certainly convenient.

On the other hand, it’s not that simple. And not as useful and safe as the stylists themselves assure.

Firstly, this is a rather expensive and lengthy procedure: if your hair is below the shoulder blades, get ready to sit in the salon for 4-6 hours. You must understand exactly whether you are ready to regularly spend money and time on keratin.

Secondly, keratin straightening formulations often contain formaldehyde, the fumes of which can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and even nausea – not to mention the more serious dangers that the cumulative effect of regular exposure to the substance entails. Do you need it?

Move on. Strands after keratin are difficult to cut and dye. Many masters will not take to work at all, having learned that you have done this procedure!

Also, with keratin straightening and its other derivatives, it is not recommended to wash your hair often. But the hair after the procedure already becomes less voluminous and begins to look dirty and greasy faster! You will have to fork out and special shampoos, conditioners, masks, and styling … Actually, you will need to update the entire “park” of home care products in order to prolong the effect of the salon procedure. Less often you will have to go to the pool, because keratin is not friendly with either bleach or ordinary water and can quickly wash out, requiring a repetition of the procedure.

What types of staining last longer than others: colorist secrets

Go to the salon or not, it’s up to you. Remember that you only need to choose a trusted master working on certified formulations. And please, no home visits! Only the salon, only officially! And only with careful observance of all the rules of care, so that the hair does not turn into a dull washcloth and pleases with a fashionable “liquid” effect.

How to make “liquid hair”: home procedures

Fortunately, home care can also help you create a flawless liquid hair look. Yes, it’s real!

If you want to get the fastest possible effect, then the recipe will be like this:

  • Choose a hair mask with keratin
  • Apply it liberally to the strands
  • Put on a shower cap and … walk like that for at least 20-30 minutes
  • When the time is up, cover this structure with a towel and warm it up with a hairdryer.
  • Rinse off the mask from your hair and be sure to apply a nourishing “leave-in” at the end to consolidate the effect.

Although this method has its fans, and cosmetic brands produce special kits for home procedures, we understand that it is not suitable for everyone. Someone is just lazy, but someone does not want to warm their hair with “chemistry” on them.

Pair: 9 inexpensive shampoos and 9 wow conditioners

This is fine!

Just look at other options.

For example, rinsing with vinegar (in the absence of a special cosmetic, ordinary apple cider is also suitable, most importantly, dilute it with water), lamellar water (this is a special form of emulsion) and masks for deep nourishment of hair have proven themselves excellent. And, of course, about straightening your hair if your hair is prone to curls. Most importantly, do not forget about the regularity of leaving. This is your key to getting hair that looks like a gorgeous waterfall.

How to create a blond at home?

It is generally accepted that you can get a beautiful blond only in the salon, having paid half of the monthly salary for it. This is not so: L’Oreal Paris brand expert Roman Moiseenko breaks down stereotypes and shares instructions for home coloring.

Myth 1. “Home” blond will never be beautiful

It is not true. You can easily make a beautiful solid color, and millions of women do it. The main thing is to follow the instructions clearly. If you have any questions, L’Oréal Paris has a hotline, where they will quickly instruct you on the use of the dye and answer any questions: from the exposure time specifically on your hair to neutralizing unwanted shades.

Myth 2. Only “yellow” blond can be made at home

To begin with, any bleached hair itself is yellow. It doesn’t matter if they were lightened in the salon or at home – this is the peculiarity of the structure of the hair. Toning is necessary to hide the warm pigment. Home dyes can do this just as well as professional dyes. L’Oreal Paris has launched the special collection Préférence Cool Radiant Blond with purple technology to neutralize yellowness. The pigments of the paint have a three-dimensional structure that prevents color washout and loss of gloss. In total, the collection has five shades for a shining cold blonde, a hit of recent years.

Also included is a special purple mask that retains its cool color after dyeing. “It is presented in a large volume, so it is enough for several applications, which allows you to maintain a cool, radiant blond until the next dyeing,” says Roman Moiseenko.

Myth 3. It is impossible to get the color as from the package
Indeed, there are some differences between print colors and shades of hair in life. Therefore, it is safer to focus not on the picture, but on the numbers.

How to read them:

• The first digit indicates the tone level, that is, the depth of the color.

• The numbers after the dot indicate the shade, fashionable direction.

Let’s take the shade Preference 8.12 Alaska:

• 8 – tone level, in this case it is a light blond color.

• 1 – ash shade, 2 – pearlescent (optional).

Total: 8.12 is a light blond ash-pearl color. You can find out more about other shades here.


Myth 4. You shouldn’t lighten dark hair yourself

There are nuances here. “To make the image look harmonious and natural, I recommend lightening no more than 2 tones. If you are in doubt about a shade, make a choice in favor of a lighter one, ”advises Roman Moiseenko. Step by step, for several staining procedures, you can go from a natural brunette to a blonde.

How to choose a shade?

The global trend is ash blond. It is especially well suited for girls with a cold color type and with the same skin tone, with light eyes and light brown hair. Cold dyeing on them will look organic, clean and “expensive”.

Myth 5. Home lightening permanently spoils hair

Gone are the days when women got a burnt perhydrol blonde. Modern dyes contain a safe percentage of oxidant and caring components. In addition, the Préférence line contains strengthening ingredients. Flower oil plays an important role here. Thanks to its protective and emollient properties, it improves the absorbency of the hair and reduces the aggressiveness of the dye. The Préférence collection was created in collaboration with professional colorist Christophe Robin, who knows the needs of hair like no one else.

However, all this does not change the strict adherence to the instructions:

do not keep the mixture on your hair for more than 30 minutes;
gently distribute the hair into sections in order to apply the composition evenly and paint over each area with high quality;
determine the required amount of paint in advance. If you have thick long hair, take two bundles at once.

By the way, Preference paint is easy and soft to apply. It is based on a professional formula with a gel texture, which, unlike creamy, spreads quickly and evenly. Convenient if you do coloring without helpers and every minute counts.

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