fashionable style of the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe – which is characterized by luxury

Baroque (from Italian – pretentious, whimsical) is a fashionable style of the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe, which is characterized by luxury, splendor, and pretentiousness in clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and make-up.

Clothes in the Baroque style are, first of all, multi-layered dresses and costumes of complex cut, corsets, excessively long trains, deep neckline, an abundance of lace not only on dresses but also on shoes, lace-ups, ribbons, frills and bows, embroidery in the form of flowers and all kinds of curls.

Baroque dresses and costumes are mainly made of velvet, satin, moire, silk, lace, taffeta, brocade, and fine wool.

The main palette of colors is deep and rich shades of red, black, gray, yellow, golden, purple, green.

History of origin

The Baroque style originated in the 16th century in Italy as a protest against strict forms and classicism. But the real heyday of this “whimsical” style fell on the era of the reign of King “Sun” Louis XIV. At that time, all of Europe was subject to the fashion trends of France.

Men wore short trousers, the length of which reached the knee, shirts, richly decorated with lace. A camisole or justice (caftan) with a frill or a turn-down collar was worn on top. Clothes were lavishly decorated with lace frills, bows, and ribbons. They wore high-heeled shoes with buckles or over-the-knee boots on their feet.

Women wore corsets, which made the waist slim and graceful, and petticoats with a rigid whalebone frame. The underskirt was a lighter shade than the top. The latter, in turn, diverged in lush draperies from the waist. The neckline, which at that time was deep, exposing the shoulders, was also decorated with draperies and bows. And, of course, heeled shoes.

Great attention was paid to detail. Accessories such as muffs, fans, lace parasols, and canes with delicate, ornate handles have become very popular.

For fashionistas of that time, the use of cosmetics was mandatory. A pale powdered face was an integral part of the Baroque look. A spicy detail is a front sight.

And be sure to have a wig or a high hairdo. If initially, the hairstyles were more natural, then in the heyday of the Baroque style, the whole still lifes could be built on the heads of women, decorated with all kinds of ribbons, lace, feathers, even models of ships.

Men also wore high wigs and shaved off their beards and mustaches.

Baroque style 2013

Many fashion houses were inspired by the Italian baroque style, with its splendor and grotesque, and offered their own versions, harmoniously combining the luxury of the “Sun King” fashion and modern textures, materials, and forms.

The Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana has created a collection in the Baroque style.

At Milan Fashion Week, designers presented luxurious black dresses and capes made of thick fabric with gold thread embroidery, as well as dresses with rich lace trim. Another iconic detail of the collection is the large floral print. The models are wearing black dresses with fluffy tulip skirts with a pattern of large flowers in rich shades (red, yellow, blue and others).

Dresses with floral embroidery in combination with lace inserts, which add spice to the image, look elegant and stylish.

Lacy bodysuits, blouses, and skirts are also the undoubted hit of the fall in baroque style from Dolce & Gabbana.

The highlight of the collection is accessories that can rightfully be called a work of art. All kinds of bags – reticules, clutches, small handbags on chains with embroidery and other rich decoration. Bright boots and ankle boots made of patent leather, velvet, or lace with glass heels, complemented by lacing, bright embroidery in the form of flowers and lace inserts.


And finally, the decorations. Dolce & Gabanna’s Baroque jewelry is so large and vibrant that you can even see it from afar! Huge earrings with cameos, tiaras, and hair hoops with flowers look pompous and luxurious.

Gucci also picked up the fashion trend. Blouses, skirts, and dresses made of black lace and velvet will add drama and majesty to the looks of the new season.

Jason Wu has added only baroque touches to his latest collection, presenting chic pantsuits made of expensive brocade with a floral pattern, complementing the outfit with fur trim on the collar.

Other design houses also presented their collections in the Baroque style – Aquilano Rimondi, Karen Walker, Moschino, Leonard, Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen, and many others.

Star style


Many stars gladly picked up the fashionable baroque trends, the gold, and the luxury of which are in perfect harmony with the red carpet.

Beauty with red hair Jessica Chastain chose a luxurious black dress embroidered with gold threads to enter the red carpet.

Andrea Dellal followed suit and donned a black lace dress with gold embroidery.

And even a fan of new-look Scarlett Johansson could not resist the glitter of the Baroque and appeared in public in an exclusive bustier dress embroidered with pearls and gold threads.

Cassandra Haider
Cassandra Haider
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