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    Famous women who in pregnancy do not give up the shirt to above the navel

    What is suitable clothing for pregnant women? The definition of suitable garments for the blissful state has changed throughout the history of fashion.

    In the Middle Ages, clothes were extremely expensive, so pregnant ladies wore corsets to “fit” into their classic wardrobe. And that was perfectly normal.

    At the end of the 18th century, models with the so-called imperial silhouette were worn. These were dresses made of fluttering A-cut material and cut just below the chest, which provided adequate protection of the body from external influences throughout the pregnancy without the need to adjust or expand the model.

    Formal wear for pregnant women did not appear until the 1900s when people began to think about models with an adjustable waist, but also an upper part so that women could free their breasts and breastfeed as needed.

    In more recent times, women have begun to wear pants, and among the ladies in a blissful state, the most popular were elastic models with elastic bands or suspenders.

    What is suitable clothing for pregnant women today? It is difficult to answer that question. It depends on the individual style of each woman, the place and culture in which she lives, but also her special needs. In the last ten years, women in the West have not given up on a mini dress, high heels or crop top during pregnancy.

    Emma Roberts in December last year was the star of the first Cosmopolitan cover adorned by a pregnant woman, and she wore a pink set consisting of a crop-top with a button and a skirt with a high slit.

    With a bare belly, Kylie Jenner recently posted her second pregnancy on Instagram and delighted her fans with a video that has been watched by more than 120 million people so far.

    Take a look at our photo gallery, see which famous ladies choose daring clothes for their pregnancy, and then give your vote in the poll.

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