Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Biden warned of the climatic consequences after blowing up the areas affected by storm Ida

    The president of the United States flew areas of New York and New Jersey.

    The president of the United States, Joe Biden, warned today about the consequences of climate change after flying through the area of ​​New York and New Jersey affected by floods after tropical storm Ida, local sources reported.

    The torrential rains that Ida caused on its way to the northeast of the country, which surprised the authorities of the New York region with flash floods, left at least 47 people dead in the region.

    “For decades, scientists have warned about extreme weather,” Biden said in a meeting with emergency management officials in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey. “We are living it now. Every area of ​​the country is being hit by extreme weather,” added the president.

    “You can’t just rebuild it back to what it was before, because another tornado, another 10 inches (25.4 cm) of rain will produce the same result,” he said. “We are at one of those turning points where we act or we will be in serious, serious trouble. Our children will be in serious trouble,” he emphasized.

    Biden believes this shows that “the average costs of extreme weather are increasing and no one is immune to climate change,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said earlier in a statement to reporters aboard the Air Force One, reported the AFP news agency.

    The US president sees extreme weather events in the United States this summer as a harbinger of worse manifestations of global warming, according to official sources.

    In this regard, his administration promoted an infrastructure spending law, which includes important funds for the green economy, which he will try to pass in the coming weeks in Congress. The White House hopes that the dramatic impact of Hurricane Ida in the extreme south and northeast of the country will spur the adoption of the spending bills, as “it is imperative to act to address the climate crisis and invest through its’ Rebuild better ‘to be debated in Congress, “Psaki said.

    Meanwhile, California and other parts of the west are battling increasingly fierce wildfires. Biden plans to visit Manville, NJ, and the New York borough of Queens, before making statements in the afternoon. Psaki anticipated that the president “will highlight how one in three Americans lives in counties that have been affected by severe weather events in recent months.”

    In the last few months alone, “100 million Americans have been affected by extreme weather, obviously in the Northeast, in the West with wildfires and then on the Gulf Coast,” the press secretary said.

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