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    24 years after Princess Diana’s death, her secret plans are revealed – She wanted to move California

    Her biggest wish was to make documentaries and she planned to spend a lot of time in Hollywood, Stewart said.

    The never regretted Princess Diana had a great desire to move to California, together with her sons, mostly because she wanted to try her hand in the world of film.

    This information was confirmed for the Daily Mail by her close associate and voice coach Stewart Pearce.

    He decided to talk about Diana’s secret plans for the 24th anniversary of her death and revealed that she planned to take Princes William (Harry and Harry) to America where they would all live together with her lover Dodi Fayed.

    He added that years before her death, she began building a secret career in Hollywood, but not as an actress, but had ambitions for a job behind the camera. He found out about it during private lessons of voice exercises, which he has been holding regularly with her since 1995.

    – She had a number of big projects in her head. But her biggest wish was to make documentaries and she planned to spend a lot of time in Hollywood. She started using her creative power – said Stuart and concluded that she was a great communicator.

    As a result, she quickly made close friends with Oscar-winning producer David Putnam, who helped her make new connections in Hollywood. But her life was interrupted in a terrible car accident before she was able to meet them herself.

    By the way, Diana was offered a film role in the sequel to “Bodyguard” with Whitney Houston, and Kevin Costner tried to persuade her to do so. But she didn’t care, not at all.

    “Although she was a lover of the performing arts, especially dance, she didn’t think the acting was the right choice for her,” Stewart said.

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