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    10 beauty secrets of French women- take it on board!

    French style, French kiss, French perfume, French chic: we consider the image of a Parisian woman to be an example of sophistication, elegance, romance, and sophistication. How do they do it? Write down the secrets of the French women.

    Beauty secrets of French women

    1. They take care of the skin

    First, they don’t tan and don’t use bronzers. Dark skin makes you at least five years old: Parisian women learn this rule with their mother’s milk. Of course, it cannot do without exceptions, but 9 out of 10 Parisians have natural, even slightly pale skin. At the same time, it is very well-groomed! According to statistics, the most popular procedures in Parisian beauty salons are peeling, cleansing, and moisturizing. The second three include facial massage, anti-aging treatments, and revitalizing nourishing masks.

    2. They don’t overuse makeup.

    Mascara, a little blush, and neutral lipstick are all that the Frenchwoman uses for her daily life. Foundation and powder, eye shadow, eyeliner pencils, and even more so arrows and bright lipstick are considered attributes of the evening or festive makeup (for example, wedding), to come “in full dress” to the office or to a meeting with friends is strange, inappropriate and is considered a sign bad taste. There is something to think about!

    3. They don’t like contouring.

    No matter how many ways leading makeup artists to offer to sculpt the face, French women ignore these tips. Because it’s unnatural! The most sophisticated apply the highlighter to the cheekbones and the crease of the upper lip. Everything!

    4. They do not matte the skin

    Healthy skin shines a little. This is normal, it is natural and it is beautiful. The powder once an hour to look like a flour-dusted doll? Not a Frenchwoman. She values ​​her beauty too much.

    5. They know a lot about negligence

    A true Frenchwoman will never allow someone to say or think when looking at her: “She tried very hard.” The shade of blush will never match the color of the nail polish, the handbag will never match the shoes, the hairstyle will never be perfect, and the jacket or dress will never match the figure. A scarf was casually thrown around the neck, strands that come out of a bunch, a flying cardigan over office trousers – and this is always charming. Here it is, the French secret to great looks.

    6. They always carry red lipstick with them.

    Any image turns into a festive one if you paint your lips red. Ragged jeans, a funny print T-shirt, a mix of jewelry around the neck or a floor-length dress, Greek sandals, and a wide-brimmed hat – it doesn’t matter what your style is. Add red lipstick and you’re a queen, Parisians say.

    7. They go to expensive hairdressers.

    The secret of real French women: “You can buy the coolest clothes for 5 euros, and no one will guess its value if it fits well and fits into your style. But cheap haircuts and cheap dyeing are always visible. Is always!” And don’t style your hair, a good haircut lies on its own. Keep them healthy and shiny.

    8. They don’t like hair accessories

    Hairpins, ribbons, decorative elastic bands, “crabs”, headbands and other adornments make the look cheaper, say Parisians. All these devices have a task: to fix a tail or a bun, to collect hair in a knot or to raise a bang, you should not give up on them, but the more invisible they are, the better.

    9. They always wear perfume.

    And each one has at least a dozen fragrances: for the mood, for the situation, for special occasions, for every day, bought in a fit of madness, and as a reminder of a vacation. French women wear perfume as dresses or shoes, and leaving the house without adding the scent of the day to their appearance is like leaving the house naked.

    10. They fanatically protect themselves from the sun

    Despite the fact that Paris is not a city in southern latitudes, the most popular skincare products there are considered to be moisturizers for the face with a sun protection factor of 50+. At the same time, on sunny days, the matter will not end with one cream: the Frenchwoman will wear a cotton blouse with long sleeves, a hat with huge brim, and the most zealous guardians of health and youthfulness of the skin will also take a special umbrella that protects against ultraviolet radiation. We, northerners, find it difficult to come to terms with this, but let’s already admit the fact that the sun ages, ages, ages the skin!

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