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    You should definitely avoid these mistakes when working out at home

    Do you prefer to train at home? Then we would like to give you a few tips here, with which nothing can go wrong with your home workout

    Avoid mistakes: this is what you should pay attention to when working out at home

    We’re throwing all prejudices overboard because exercising at home can be just as effective as exercising in the gym. But with home workouts, some mistakes can creep in unnoticed, which thwart the fitness routine. That is why we want to deal here with what you should pay attention to when doing sports at home. Then it is not only fun but also brings the desired success.

    No more mistakes: this is how the home workout works properly

    1. Don’t forget your plan

    Just go ahead and see what happens? Not a good idea. Because if you want to achieve really good results, you should first set your goals and then find suitable exercises for them. For example, an exercise plan aimed at losing weight looks different than one aimed at building muscle. The best place to find inspiration for this is on the Internet.

    2. Don’t overwhelm yourself

    If you’re motivated, fitness challenges on social media are just the thing. But caution is also advised here, as some of them can be quite intense and challenging. It is therefore important that you also choose the ones that correspond to your current training level. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury.

    3. Don’t ignore the posture

    While we’re on the subject of injuries: Posture and correct execution also play an important role here. If you lose sight of that focus, you can get hurt quickly or do an exercise for free because it won’t produce any results.

    4. Do not turn off the camera

    Do you have a preference for live courses? Then leave the camera on next time. This gives the trainer the opportunity to look at your performance, correct you and give you tips. It’s also a great trick to keep motivated during the training session and not to cheat on the exercises.

    5. Don’t skip the warm-up program

    When your motivation is running at full speed, you want to work out right away. But that is anything but good for the muscles. To protect them and prepare them for the home workout, always do a few exercises to warm up.

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