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    You must not be whining about the party, but we need a party

    It is just over a year and a half since Menntaskolinn I Reykjavik last held a ball. Despite lofty hopes for unlimited autumn after an unlimited summer with sections, it is clear that there is no plan for large-scale entertainment this winter.

    “We all feel very hopeless because there is always something new coming up. Then there are some rules, where lifting takes place, we get excited about it and look brightly into the future. But then somehow everyone hits the other person who comes and stops, “says Solrun Dogg Josefsdottir, inspector scholae at MR.

    Deprived of youth

    Agnar Mar Masson, president of Framtidarinn, believes that his age group is the one who has suffered the worst from the epidemic. His parents’ generation certainly had to work from home and things like that, but in his case it is a year that will never come again.

    “These are three years that we want to use quite well. These are the years when people talk about the best years of their youth. This is youth. And the youth we will just never get to experience.

    And the balls and the party are part of the youth, or what?

    “Of course,” says Agnar Mar.

    Jon Bjarni Snorrason, chairman of the student association at Borgarholtsskoli, says that young people are forgotten when looking at the interests of different groups; it’s their turn to just go to school and be depressed.

    “There is no shame in that. You need a party. It’s such a big part of high school. You can’t whine about the party, but we need a party. That’s the way it is, there is an incentive for the study and everyone is losing interest in the study because it is not a party, “says Jon Bjarni.

    Solrun Dogg Josefsdottir inspector scholae at Menntaskolinn i Reykjavik.Station 2 / Sigurjon

    Jon Bjarni urges that high school students be allowed to have fun with quick exams in advance and a maximum of 1,000 people. The regulation provides for such exemptions, but only for sitting events, as Vidir Reynisson, chief police officer, pointed out in a conversation with the news agency. It is hoped that this will improve the situation so that upper secondary school students have the opportunity to gather in large numbers at the Upper Secondary School Singing Competition, as Vidir said in the film.

    Solrun Dogg fears that the effect of paralyzing the social life of the upper secondary schools could be that it will end up going through entire schooling generations who will never gain experience of running an active social life. Thus, important knowledge that is inherited from generation to generation can be lost.

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