Thursday, February 29, 2024

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    Xiaomi is abolishing its recognizable Mi brand

    Xiaomi has decided to discontinue its recognizable Mi phone brand and will introduce something new on September 15th.

    The number one smartphone manufacturer has decided to abolish the Mi name and the company believes that this will not affect their current situation too much. They want to make a better name scheme and separate smartphones from the rest of the offer, as the company is active and growing in other segments as well.

    When they announced the new Mix 4 phone model, they already secretly announced that the Mi name would not be part of the next series, but rarely did anyone suspect that it would completely launch the Mi brand.

    As for the name, Xiaomi, Redmi and Pocophone will remain, and now the question is what it will present on September 15 (14:00).

    One thing is for sure – the Mi brand phone will no longer exist and Xiaomi will now have to change the logo that was recently redesigned. After 10 years, since Xiaomi Mi 1 was introduced, Mi is going to new pages of history.

    As it is stated, Mi will be the name of the company, while from now on Xiaomi will be a series of phones.

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