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    What did Dino Merlin say to Jelena Karleusa when she invited him to be a guest at her concert

    Popstar Jelena Karleusa hosted the team of the media in the yard of her villa in Dedinje and on that occasion talked about the people around her, about her daughters Atina and Nika Tosic, about the LGBT community, but also about “the people behind the keyboard”.

    Namely, Karleusa pointed out that she was often challenged during her career, and that she only said what many philosophers had said before.

    So recently in the morning program, urologist, prof. Dr. Aleksandar Milosevic talked about what is the biggest problem today when it comes to intimate relationships and talked about potency drugs that are increasingly used.

    Milosevic, who once stated that many younger men take Viagra, mentioned pop star Karleusa during his presentation, to the great surprise of the audience.

    He quoted her famous statement because of which she was called out on social networks for years.

    Karleusa was not surprised by this, because, as she says, she only said something that Freud had said long before her, as well as that she had built herself up with her attitudes, not just songs.

    I feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for myself for decades, I have to say it honestly. I have been living for 43 years in a country where decades have to pass for someone, something else Freud said, to recognize and understand me. I feel sorry for myself that I live surrounded by people who don’t understand me. And I regret that I have to work in a much harder way to reach the goal. Such is my karma – says Karleusa, and she added:

    In this country, those who do not understand are loud, and those who understand, understood even when I said. I am very lucky that doctors and intellectuals love me, and they show and speak that to me in everyday life … They also stop me on the street. After all, I would not be what I am today, because I am not just a singer – Karleusa points out.

    Karleusa has always been considered a strong woman, so she had to fight for her place during her career, but that path was not easy for her. She also recalled the advice she received from her colleague Dina Merilna.

    I fought as I knew how. I have no back, I am alone and I fight as I know and can. What is my greatest life consolation and success are the people who love me. And I remember calling Merlin. I called him on the phone and asked him if he would be my guest at “Usce” in 2013. He had a tour, he wasn’t there. He told me he wished me all the best. “Jelena, no matter how many people are at your concert, consider it, in Serbia, in the media atmosphere that you are currently experiencing, a great success. And consider every man in front of you as your great reward.” I also remembered that and I am grateful to everyone who was with me in the middle of that media atmosphere. I experience myself much differently, which I am than how the media has presented me for 26 years – she said.


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