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    The main secret of family happiness is simply not to interfere with each other’s life-Karina Cox

    Karina Koks, the permanent soloist of the Slivki group, at some point disappeared from the radars of Russian show business, but in 2020 she again managed to loudly remind herself of herself, bursting into the Mask show in the form of a gray wolf. This year, the artist decided to try herself in a new role and became one of the participants in the extreme show “Fear Factor”, which starts on September 4 on the NTV channel. On the eve of this event, Karina told Media, about why she decided to test herself for strength, about her attitude to the fashion trend #yamat, and talked about why she and her husband are constantly bred on the Web.

    Karina Cox: For me, family is always a priority, and when children are born, it is natural for any mother to devote time to them. In general, I did not finish my career, but I chose to stay with my daughters more than give concerts. But even with them I sometimes managed to go on tour – it didn’t bother me.

    And I returned to the stage thanks to an occasion: I was invited to the “Mask” show. It seemed to me very interesting, funny, so I decided to take part in it. And then everything is simple: I already had good relations with the Media team, and they invited me to their other projects.

    Media: Your return was very loud: you became a real favorite of the audience and the opening of the “Mask” project. Why do you think your vocal abilities have become such a revelation for many?

    Karina Cox: It’s just that I didn’t sing such songs before “The Mask”. In “Cream” we had a different repertoire, a different style, and in general during my solo career there were only a few songs in the group where I could reveal my vocal potential. And for the show, the repertoire was selected in such a way as to show all the facets of possibilities – and people were surprised.

    In addition, I think that they managed to forget about me, and then I suddenly appeared in “The Mask” and powerfully reminded of myself – it was a pleasant shock for the audience. But the people who knew me as a singer, my producers and musicians, were not surprised and, on the contrary, said: “Well, finally you showed yourself!”.

    Karina Cox: Yes, and I am very grateful for the support of all my old and new fans. I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of feedback that came to me after the final of “The Mask”.

    Media: What is the most stressful thing for you in your work?

    Karina Cox: I would not say that there is a certain part of the work, because of which I feel stress all the time. It seems to me that show business is such a substance that, on the contrary, tones you up. For example, you can prepare for something for a long time, and then the organizers come and say: “So, we changed everything!”. And you have to be as adaptive and flexible as possible in order to sharply adapt to the new rules of the game. This is the very juice of our work. And if the artists understand where they have got to and that this is what keeps them in good shape, they can develop immunity to everything. And it is cool to be in this spontaneous reality for those who love natural, vital, and not artificially created drive.

    Media: You both participated in the vocal competition and evaluated it as a member of the jury. How does it feel to be on the other side of the barricades? What is more difficult for you – to judge or to be judged? And which role do you like best?

    Karina Cox: I like it better when they evaluate me. I take this very calmly because I am perfectly aware that the jury has its own opinion and vision, and you create an illusion that everyone understands in different ways. In general, criticism never bothers me. On the contrary, I treat it very carefully if it comes from professionals. It is always useful to hear it because seeing yourself from the outside, you can change your professional qualities for the better.

    Evaluating other participants, especially adults, as it was in “Come on, all together!” I understand perfectly well that everyone who goes on stage deserved this moment of fame – they stubbornly walked towards it. And I do not know their life baggage, but I have to make my verdict here and now. Sometimes it’s just hard to figure out how a person will react to criticism, but that’s also part of the game. In general, it is very difficult to be on the jury, because you also have to choose delicate words so as not to offend a person and not cut his wings.

    Media: How do you feel about criticism on social networks, which has become a lot? Are you reacting painfully or have you learned to withdraw?

    Karina Cox: It seems to me that all the painful perception of criticism is from self-doubt. For example, I always clearly understand if a person told the truth, and do not take offense at her. What’s the point, if it really is? And if he wrote a blatant lie, why should I pay attention to it? But I can enter into controversy. For example, I hate being asked tactless questions, and I always tell my subscribers about it. Sometimes people are simply dumbfounded by the fact that I answered them, they begin to apologize and say that they were wrong. And in extreme cases, there is always a “Block” button.

    In general, it seems to me that you just need to understand who you really are and what you are worth, in this case you will clearly distinguish between constructive comments, which are always useful, and ordinary attempts to drain your negativity and boredom on you.

    Media: It’s always easier to judge and criticize, hiding behind anonymity …

    Karina Cox: Yes, this is true, but unfortunately, you will never be able to comfort your pain with this. I cannot be happy for another person. Only he himself can, so you just need to shift the focus to your life.

    But I defend my borders. On my blog, I set the rules: I, for example, cannot be flagged in contests or fees without my permission. If you want to do this, first ask – this is how people do in real life. Otherwise, it is just tactless, because I uncompromisingly remove the marks and the bath of the one who did it. I love cleanliness and order.

    Media: Judging by the way you give your best on stage, you spent a lot of time in rehearsals. How did your husband and daughters feel about these changes and the fact that you are less likely to be at home?

    Karina Cox: Probably, it affected my husband least of all. He himself is constantly on tour, and when he comes at night, I usually sleep. Therefore, we exist with him in parallel universes, but still together (Laughs). In general, he is always glad when I do what I love, which makes me happy, and never mind my absences, even long ones, because he understands that this is my life and it brings me pleasure. And children are most often with me. They are used to being in studios, they know what their mother does and how it happens. Now the younger daughter is with me more often, because the eldest has already gone to school.

    Media: And how did they react to the fact that you decided to test yourself for strength in such a difficult both physically and emotionally project like “Fear Factor”?

    Karina Cox: The children were very worried about me. This was unexpected. I told them that I would take part in the project – here, unlike the “Mask”, it was possible not to hide it. Of course, she did not show the American Fear Factor, but in general terms she outlined that there are various creepy contests in the project, and you never know what you have to do. The daughters were very worried that someone would bite me, I would burn out or drown. I reassured them, explaining that this is a show and an ambulance will be on duty at the site, but they constantly called me while I was on the set and asked how everything was going. Now they are waiting for the release of the project to see which tests I took part in.

    Media: Why did you decide to take part in the project at all – this is not a test for the faint of heart?

    Karina Cox: When I was a teenager I watched similar programs, it seemed to me that it was probably fun and reckless. Indeed, everything I imagined met my expectations. At first you really feel horror and disgust at everything, you think why you got involved in this, and then you have such excitement! I want to try everything! You have no idea what your psyche and body are capable of.

    Media: What test of those that you passed was the most difficult for you?

    Karina Cox: Diving. It was technically difficult for me. Perhaps those who dive a lot, swim professionally and know how to hold their breath, have trained this skill, but I do not have it. Moreover, I sing and do it on a long exhale, and the air had to be held back.

    Karina Cox: "The main secret of family happiness is simply not to interfere with each other's life

    Media: What has changed inside you after participating in the show? You are probably not afraid of anything now?

    Karina Cox: I don’t know what else I’m afraid of! I would like to test myself more, but only within the framework of the program, not in life! In life, I have a responsibility to my family, children and myself, therefore, of course, I will not go to any extreme.

    Media: You are probably often asked this question, but still: what kind of mom are you?

    Karina Cox: This is a very serious question. Perhaps I shock someone with my answer, but I generally do not evaluate myself by this parameter. I understand that motherhood is one of my roles in this life, but I do not identify myself with the classic #year. I accompany my children through life and give them the maximum that I can give – attention, love, care, acceptance, but it is difficult for me to say what kind of mother I am. Rather, my children will answer this question to their psychologists. I guess I can describe myself as strict, but funny. Our family has a certain order and respect for each other.

    At the same time, in matters of upbringing, my husband and I always have one opinion – not my mother’s and father’s, but my parents’, and we adhere to it. But dad, of course, spoils his daughters unlimitedly. I’m stricter with this. But for me this is in the order of things, it seems to me that a man should pamper women, including little ones, so that they are happy.

    Media: Do your daughters show interest in the field of art?

    Karina Cox: The eldest daughter is engaged in a theater studio at school and a little music, but she is mainly interested in modern trends, she wants to be on the crest of the wave, and I am not against any of her creative experiments.

    The youngest daughter draws very well – this was evident from the first day, as she took a pencil in her hands. And she is very sensitive to fashion. She has her own style. And if I saw correctly, then something interesting may come out of this in the future. For my part, I do not call the girls to anything, but I create the basis: if you like it, try it, if you don’t like it, try it again, and then decide, maybe you were just mistaken. If definitely not, then I suggest something in return. But without going overboard. As soon as I see that the children are tired mentally or physically, we immediately arrange a free day when they can do whatever they want. In an exhausted psyche, neither children nor adults can succeed.

    Media: How do you feel about children’s talent contests? Would your children be sent to the conditional “Voice”?

    Karina Cox: I cannot blame the parents who do this – if this phenomenon exists, then it is necessary for someone. If the child himself is burning with such a desire and understands what is behind this, and the parents explained to him that he can lose, and hear or read something not very pleasant about himself, then he needs such an experience, and you’re nothing with it. you can’t help it. The person has a need. But if a child is forced because it is not his desires that are in the foreground, but the parental ego, this is an unhealthy situation.

    Media: Rumors are constantly circulating on the Web that you and your husband are going to get divorced. What do you think is the reason?

    Karina Cox: I think people today do not really understand why a happy family life is not displayed on social networks. And many more want drama all the time – without it, interest falls, so I understand journalists who draw conclusions from my husband’s pictures and jokes. He has everything in order with humor, and even better with black humor. After some of his broadcasts, even my friends, who know how we live, call and ask if everything is fine. But this is all work for the public and, in general, has nothing to do with real us. Our relations develop and grow, like any relationship between people – we have both ups and downs, but we chose the tactic just not to advertise us once again, and not because we are so secretive, we just do not have time for this and energy.

    “When I watch people who make content on their relationships, family, children, I can’t even imagine how much effort they spend on it: it’s necessary to gather everyone, organize, and not quarrel with anyone in the process. And what will my husband say if I offer him something like that on our day off! Probably, I haven’t got such an organizational talent yet ”.

    Media: Do you and Eduard often quarrel?

    Karina Cox: With Edik? Have not quarreled yet!

    Media: Share your recipe for family happiness?

    Karina Cox: Just don’t interfere with each other’s life. There is no other secret – everything is obvious here. Many also understand this, but some simply cannot or do not want to let go of control. Everyone has their own reality … It is very difficult for me to speak on this topic – I had no other experience, I was not married before. I only have Edik.

    Media: After leaving Cream, you became a part of Black Star, your husband was also a label artist. Why did you decide to leave the company?

    Karina Cox: We have known Timan and Pasha for a very long time and were in the same get-together. I really respect Timur as an artist and was always glad to help him. And now, if he turns, I will do it. But we didn’t have a working relationship. Probably because the Black Star label is still designed for artists who do not really need to be produced in its pure form, it is for those who have already taken place somehow and do not need to invent something else. And you had to work with me, you needed a new concept, because I left the group. It had to be the painstaking work of a large team, but at that time the label was developing rapidly, it was not clear who exactly would deal with me, as a result, there was no cohesive team for me. One way or another, we managed to shoot several videos, made several interesting PR campaigns, but I realized that we were not on our way.

    The husband had a different story: they had some kind of conflict, but this was their male affairs and disagreements. Despite these rough edges, now Edik is friends with Timur again, and their relationship has become even stronger than in the days of Black Star.

    Media: Did Timati’s decision to leave surprised you?

    Karina Cox: I was surprised and not. I understood that Timur and Pasha are such large figures in their direction that they have simply grown out of conventional common pants and are at the moment when everyone has to start their own way. But, of course, it was very sad to see their friendship destroyed. This is not my business at all, of course, I can only observe this with some sympathy, because I knew both of them as practically brothers. They went through a lot to build their Black Star empire, so it was a little sad.

    Media: Which artist do you think is the coolest to date? Top 5 from Karina Cox.

    Karina Cox: Oh, this is a very difficult question! In my opinion, an artist is the totality of everything: image, charisma, music. For me, an Artist with a capital letter is Michael Jackson. You can’t find fault with him forever and ever. So he’s # 1. He is the golden standard of an artist, a cosmic and unattainable level. Beyoncé is in second place, but judging by her interviews and concerts, she is most likely focusing on Michael Jackson. On the third line – The Weeknd, he is very cool.

    Of the Russian artists, I will single out Larisa Dolina, she is a “megaloprofessional.” Our joint work experience was very useful to me. I saw what she was doing in the studio – she just hypnotized me and won over me. She gives interviews very well, judges well – she can choose the right words so that, without offending, send a person in the right direction. This is aerobatics! Alexey Chumakov is also very good.

    In general, we have a lot of good artists, but, for example, I like Morgenstern as a shocking character, but he has so many different points on which I disagree with him that I will add him to the mentions, and not to the main top. An artist must be savvy in everything, if your music is a multi-platinum album, you must do the same performances, your appearance must match, but here there is no stability. Also worthy of mention is Dua Lipa – she’s a great singer, but this is clearly a production project with a big team behind it, and I can’t figure out how much of her is in the final product.

    Media: What are your next creative plans?

    Karina Cox: I’m writing an album right now, but I can’t say yet when to expect it. When that happens, it happens. This process is influenced by a lot of things, including my mood. I know myself: I can do, and then say that I do not like anything. I had one album on my computer for 8 years. In the end, I decided that I still needed to release it. People liked it, but I wanted to “bury” him. In general, the only thing I can say for sure is that the new album will be very diverse, I realized that there are no criteria for a hit now, anything can become it.

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