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    Love story of Jay Lo and Ben Affleck with a break of 17 years

    Jennifer Lopez is a true runaway bride. How many engagements she broke … However, back in 2003, the wedding was canceled not by her, but by her fiance Ben Affleck. 17 years later, J. Lo decided to go through the “old rake” and … return to her ex-lover, whom, according to rumors, she is going to marry again. Let’s remember how their love story developed.

    Ben and Jay met when they needed each other especially. In the early 2000s, Affleck licked his wounds after breaking up with Sandra Bullock, whose relationship began during the filming of the comedy “Power of Nature”, but very quickly faded away – the actress got bored next to her goody Ben. Lopez, on the other hand, was experiencing the collapse of the second consecutive year of marriage that did not last.

    Love affair at work

    Ben and Jennifer’s relationship began in a very banal way for Hollywood: they played lovers in the movie “Gigli”, and the on-screen romance soon turned into a real one. Interestingly, the comedy failed miserably at the box office, was awarded six Golden Raspberry anti-awards at once, but this did not bother either the public or the actors themselves, because they became a real power couple.

    Fans immediately dubbed the Hollywood couple “Bennifers”, journalists and paparazzi chased lovers everywhere, and in addition, Lopez gladly gave reasons to talk about their affair with Affleck.

    Just what is the legendary Jennifer’s video for the song Jenny from the block. The plot of the video is built around the relationship between Lopez and Affleck – here they are at home, on the couch, the next frame shows us fragments of their vacation on a yacht, then they enjoy each other’s company somewhere at a table in a cafe. And everything that happens will certainly be removed by the paparazzi – well, just like in life!

    At the speed of light

    In June 2002, Lopez officially filed for divorce from her second husband, dancer Chris Judd, and in November, that is, less than six months later, she became engaged to Affleck. The actor supported his willingness to marry a popular beauty with a weighty argument – a ring with a pink diamond for one and a half million dollars. Jennifer immediately boasted of the massive decoration to reporters, informing at the same time that it was decided to play the wedding on September 14, 2003.

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